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W.C. to Peet's in Danville & Back (RSFRS*: 1/LT/13+/30&3)
We'll ride at least 13 miles round trip on Iron Horse Trail or Danville Blvd (your choice). Start at 9:00 am at Whole Foods (Newell & Broadway). Take a break at Peet's and return. 12 - 16 mph, good for conversation and, for fairly new riders, good for getting more familiar your bike, changing gears, etc. Four to 10 riders continue south for about four miles before returning to Whole Foods. This is a no drop ride - no rider is left behind and you can count on an experienced rider to stay with you. Want company to ride from Heather Farm area to Whole Foods? 8:45 am. Meet at the Heather Farm bridge next to Canal Trail. Look for Sondra. Also, you might send her an email (use Meetup email from "Send email" link on her profile) so she'll look for you. It is about a 2.5 mile ride to Whole Foods. PARKING REQUEST / SUGGESTION: Whole Foods manager suggests parking in lot across Newell Ave. and Main so their customers are sure to have parking. Helmets required. Please have pump, small set of tools, tire irons, one or two spare tubes. Remember to use hand/arm signals and call out for turns, slowing and hazards; ride single file on narrower sections. 13 mile route with 200 ft elevation gain to Danville. Link to Garmin Connect route map and description: * RSFRS (Ride, Skill & Fitness Rating System): Terrain / Pace / Distance / Minutes&Days. Riders should be able to efficiently change gears and ride on streets with and without bike lanes comfortably. Riders should probably be doing moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise at least 30 minutes 3 days per week (click here for guidelines and motivation). ( NOTE: If you need to build your skills ride our sponsor's, Sports Basement (, beginner friendly rides. Terrain Descriptions - Average climbing, feet/mile 1 Essentially flat. 10 - 30 2 A few low hills. 30 - 50 3 Moderately hilly. 50 - 70 4 Hilly, a few steep ones. 70 - 90 5 Very hilly, considerable climbing. 90 - 110 ! A "!" after the terrain rating number indicates surprisingly hard hills in view of the overall terrain. Pace and Fitness Descriptions XL Extra-leisurely: child-friendly pace with many long stops. 7 - 9 on flat road L Leisurely: easy pace, frequent stops, good for new riders. 10 - 12 mph on flat road LT --- between L & T / do moderate cardiovascular exercise 30+ min & 3+ days per week T Touring: steady pace, fewer stops, for experienced riders. 13 - 15 mph on flat road TM --- between T & M / do moderate & vigorous cardiovascular exercise =/>30 min & =/>3 d/wk M Moderately fast pace: for strong experienced riders. 16 - 18 mph MB --- between M & B / do moderate & vigorous cardiovascular exercise >30 min & >3 d/wk B Brisk: very strong riders; tight fast packs and pacelines. 18+ Adapted from Grizzly Peaks Cycling

Whole Foods, Walnut Creek

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Meet other local road and mountain bikers to ride local roads, paths and trails. Although the core activity will be bicycle riding, occasionally we'll throw in a different outdoor activity just for the fun of it. All skill levels are welcome and we'll scale the events according to who participates.

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