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Thursday 5 pm Ride from Heather Farm (RSFRS: 2/LT/15/30+&3+)

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Ride 10 to 20 miles at overall average speeds near 12 to 13 mph which would likely be moderate intensity exercise.

Meet at the parking lot east of / next to the dog park near Contra Costa Canal Trail at Heather Farm.

Route for the day will be decided by those who RSVP and are at the start point. Likely rides will be on the Iron Horse, Contra Coast Canal and Ygnacio Canal Trails.You can see what and where the trails' look like from these links.xamples of possible routes are at these links:

20 miles 8 miles 21 miles NOTE: This example show a loop with start and end points other than at Heather Farm. This ride always starts at Heather Farm. This is only provided to show a route on the Canal Trail on a map. This is a no drop ride - no rider is left behind and you can count on an experienced rider to stay with you.

Wearing a helmet is required. Please have pump, small set of tools, tire irons, one or two spare tubes. Remember to use hand/arm signals and call out for turns, slowing and hazards; ride single file on narrower sections .

How is your fitness for this ride? Ride, Skill, Fitness Rating System (RSFRS) ( rating for this ride is 2/LT/15/30+&3+. Riders who may be most comfortable on this ride are those already doing moderate intensity cardiovascular / aerobic exercise for 30 or more minutes on 3 or more days per week. Description of the rating system is at this link: