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FREE EVENT! Practice the amazing NLP Parts Integration tool & meet other members

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Come along to this Monday nights Meetup and take the weight off of your shoulders!

An opportunity to learn and Practice the powerful NLP Parts Integration tool, meet other members and to discuss and start to think about planning our future NLP4aChange Meetup events!

The evening will give you the opportunity to meet and get to know other members of the NLP4aChange Meetup, meet me and also practice the powerful NLP 'Parts Integration' tool. The Parts Integration tool is a transformational NLP tool that brings more awareness, congruency and greater inner harmony resulting in having more clarity and being able to take more focused action! NLP tools and techniques often look deceptively simple, however, despite their apparent 'simplicity' the tools and principles of NLP are based on the scientific research of their founders Richard Bandler (Computer Scientist/Mathematician) and John Grinder (Linguist).

Do you sometimes find yourself in 'two minds' and sometimes find it hard to make decisions or maybe you want to help others become more congruent and more decisive to help them make 'better' decisions? Then come along and learn and practice a 'simple' and powerful NLP tool, the parts Integration tool. Two heads are better than one? Not always! Come along to this Monday nights Meetup and learn how to take the weight off of your shoulders! Unless we go within we go without!

On the night we will also have an opportunity to talk about what you want from future NLP4aChange Meetups. After all this is your Meetup! See you there.

Parts Integration tool

A very, very effective NLP technique which I use a lot in one to one coaching sessions when a client may say during coaching something like:"A part of me wants to loose weight and there's another part of me that just wants to sit on the couch and eat Pizza."

"There's a part of me that wants to stay in my relationship and make a go of it and yet there's another part of me that wants to break free and live the single life."

"I feel part of me wants to stay on in my present job and be loyal as an employee and another part of me really believes i can run my own successful business."

"Part of me feels really capable yet there's another part of me that talks me out of doing stuff."

Possible topics/content we can
cover at future NLP4aChange Meetups:

Introduction to NLP ~ Learn the basic tools & Principles of NLP (4 Evenings)
NLP for Coaching others
NLP techniques for setting and achieving goals
NLP practice Group ~ Focus less on theory more on practice (drilling the techniques)
Time Line Therapy
NLP to influence and inspire others
NLP for teachers/trainers & advisers
Hypnosis and self Hypnosis

'Turn problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities into gifts! When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change! Happiness is an inside job.

One to one NLP coaching

All ‘problems’ are problems of the imagination
and all solutions are solutions of the imagination!

We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are…as Einstein said we can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem we need to find a new perspective. Helping someone to ‘disassociate' from their problem and then to associate to new resources is a major part of how NLP works…If you want to fly like an eagle don’t hang out with turkeys!

Whether you want to let go of an unwanted emotion, a disabling memory, a behaviour you’d prefer not to have, develop more powereful strategies, become more congruent, let go of ‘redundant’ disempowering beliefs formed in early childhood and ‘instal’ new empowering beliefs, learn how to develop amazing instant rapport and powerful techniques to help others transform their lives..there is something in NLP for everyone…when was the last time you let someone service your life or do an MOT? Exactly! And how much more important is your mind!
Accredited by the ANLP
(Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP Training

‘Live the Life you Love’ Introduction to NLP 4 week evening course, (Class of March 2013.)

What previous Participants have said:

"I throughly enjoyed the 'Introduction to NLP' 6 week training with Mark Phoenix. Not only was the subject material interesting we all managed to achieve personal growth during the training. Mark's enthusiasm and knowledge shine through. For me to attend training after a days work, across the other side of London and still be enthused is a testament to Mark's delivery and style. I would throughly recommend to anyone who wants to learn the principles and tools of NLP."

"I recommend this course to others, it gives a good balance between learning the principles of NLP and learning how to apply the ‘tools’ of NLP. I applied what I learnt each week which enabled me to get the most out of the course and help me in my job.”

"I really enjoyed the 'Introduction to NLP' course. I enjoyed Mark's style of teaching with good use of Powerpoint, visuals and handouts for revising between sessions, the course has encouraged me to explore the world of NLP further."

"Marks relaxation visualisations done to relaxing music at the end of each session were really relaxing.”

As soon as I gather up enough interested participants I will be running 4 week Introduction to NLP evening classes in London. The classes will be limited to 6 to 8 participants to ensure that you learn loads! There will also be other specific NLP training inc Time Line Therapy, identifying and changing unwanted beliefs, goal setting & achieving, NLP for coaches etc etc.

Any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to mail me.
I look forward to seeing you this Monday night!

Kind Regards
Mark Phoenix
Master NLP Practitioner/Coach/Hypnosis

07984 432 919
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