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Everyone has Spiritual Guidance! Whether you call them spirit guides, angels, helpers, messengers of God or your higher self, you can connect with this inner guidance to receive wisdom, insight and direction in your life. Your angels are here to help you live your Life Purpose.

This Meetup is for people who already are, or who would like to communicate directly with their spirit guides, angels, etc. The more you connect within, the more you will know for yourself who is on the other end of the line (and how to work more closely with them).

Meet, share and fellowship with like-minded people! You will also experience techniques that will help you develop and trust your intuition, healing abilities, see auras & more! This is not a discussion group, but an organized, step by step process for spiritual discovery.

There is nothing EXTRA about Extra-Sensory-Perception, clear inner communication, or connecting with your higher consciousness (whatever you call it.) Everyone is has the four inner communication abilities (inner seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing). The more you unfold this, the more you will be in the right place at the right time. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, everyone can benefit from further developing their E.S.P or Psychic abilities and we have the tools and techniques to help you do that.

You will also feel more of a sense of fulfillment. The more you develop your spiritual communication abilities, the easier it will be for you to connect with your Spiritual Guidance. This is because your angels communicate with you through your spiritual or psychic sensitivity.

Connect with your Spiritual Guidance for help in all areas of your life; from finding a parking space, to helping you with career moves and finding or improving relationships. Go to our Pages tab to see more on this.

For more information: Send me an email or check out our websites at ipminternational.org and wayshowerscollege.com

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Introduction and getting started in Portland

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Corpus Christi-Portland


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