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Commune with Nature on Volksmarch!
German for people's march.
My family was stationed in Germany and we would go on weekend Volksmarch, 5K or 10K walk through woods, village, and countryside, ending with food, music, and a souvenir.
Starting the tradition here, join me if you like.
I'm on a journey to reconnect with nature and have discovered the beauty of Skidaway Island State Park.
There is just something about the feel of the natural dirt ground, the roots, and water all around that is so soulful and soothing!
With a total of 6 or 7 miles, there are a few connecting trails, that all loop. Very interesting area of forest, salt marshes, river, alligator pond. Quite flat and easy to follow, and beautiful!
Hiking boots are not necessarily needed but maybe nice for extra support. I always bring my own water, map, journal. My phone gets service all over the park, and there is plenty of parking for $5.
Feel refreshed and less stressed for the weekend!
*If there is someone that wants to do this walk but wants a different time, let me know!
*If this becomes popular we could organize food and drinks for after at the picnic area, and if someone has a guitar we could have acoustic music :)

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