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(Membership is now CLOSED for 2020). We will review this later in the year.

Due to Covid 19, please adhere to HSE guidelines and respect social distancing.

Members who have joined and not paid or attended a meetup in 2 months will be removed from group.

Members to Coastline & River Walks 40 plus. This is a group for people who wish to meetup and go for walks along the coast on the dart line from Greystones to Howth, we may at times go to Glendalough or Powerscourt in Co. Wicklow, and other locations.

This is the fifth year of the Group, which was initially set up in 2015, and this year the group has

1 Organiser, 1 Co-Organiser and 15 Assistant Organisers all of whom will schedule walks in the year.

Any member of the group can host a walk if they want to and we welcome new walks in addition to the existing walks that we do on a regular basis.

Annual Membership

Annual Membership Fee is 5.00 euros payable by PayPal in January 2020.

You will see instructions on how to pay this fee when you join the site.

Meeting point for Walks

Most of our Meetup points for our Walks are on the dart line, we meet at the outside of the dart station, which is convenient for most people, and many of the dart stations do have access to car parking for around 4 euros per day.

Please note that lifts are not guaranteed. Members have to organise their own transport.

All our walks are followed by tea/coffee or lunch which is optional.

Pace of Walks

All are walks are for the normal/medium pace walker.


Insurance: Please note: this activity is taken at your own risk, and the organiser has no responsibility for any injuries or damage.

Personal Insurance for Walkers and Charges please visit Mountaineering Ireland website for annual charges:

Membership of the 'Mountaineering Council of Ireland' provides insurance for walkers; please click below for details of the charges.


Health & Safety: Events are organised with H&S in mind (max numbers, no unsafe venues/destinations tc.), however, each member attends events at their own risk.

Coastline Walks do not have Accidental Insurance cover for members going on walks and members are responsible for their own safety and they attend all meet-ups at their own risk.

If a member has any health issues they must ensure that they have their Doctors permission to take part and health issues must be declared to the walk organiser when you join as some of the walks may not be suitable for there fitness level, i.e. Cliff Walk or Howth loop walks, where there may be a bit of a climb or the walks are more strenuous. The flat walks would probably be more suitable for them.

By signing up to this meet-up group and attending the walks you acknowledge that you accept responsibility for your own safety at all meet-ups.


We are also a group for social events, day tours, meeting for tea/coffee, going to cinema or theatre in the evening or weekend, places of history/interest, markets and are always welcome to hear of new suggestions from members for a new meetup and also for them to offer to host a meetup of their choice.

This is a good way to get some exercise in, meet people, unwind, exchange ideas for new meetup events, relax and chat, laugh and enjoy a nice afternoon, especially at the weekend after working most of the week, good to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy week, and also get some exercise in and feel refreshed after the nice walks.

This is a friendly pleasant group for people who like a walk by the sea, lovely scenery, fresh air and also good company and coffee and also a choice of long walks.

We all know that the health benefits from walking are numerous - it is very good for our heart and also enhances our physical and emotional health. It activates soothing neurons in the brain, these neurons help dull feelings of stress , which we all can experience now and then,. Walking 20 minutes a day not only boosts memory - but also improves the walker's brain function. It is good to get out in the fresh air with a group of people and enjoy the lovely views on these walks, nature and beautiful scenery in the summertime and perhaps more so in the wintertime, when some people may feel more isolated.

Nice long walks - all of our walks along the coast are at least two hours total walk minimum, as I feel if a member goes to the trouble of getting on a dart or driving to a Walking Meetup , a shorter walk would not be worth there journey.


Some simple rules for new members joining:


We would ask members to please change your rsvp to NO as soon as you know that you cannot attend a walk/meetup to allow other members to avail of it, (especially in the summer months) instead of leaving it to the morning of the walk which is probably too late then for people who may already have made arrangements for the weekend. If a member has 3 no shows they will be deleted from the group as there is a long waiting list for new members.

For members attending the walks please wear suitable warm clothing and comfortable suitable footwear and socks and bring a drink/snack/fruit with you on the meetup. We normally meet at the dart line or a convenient central location for members but whilst we can wait ten minutes or so for members after the meetup time (i.e. train/bus delays) we would then have to go ahead with the meetup as it would be unfair to the rest of the group who may have other commitments later in the day. We do not hold a list of mobile numbers for members so if a member is late unfortunately it will result in them missing the group.

While it may be nice to wear open sandals in the warm weather it is very easy to get a twisted ankle while wearing this type of footwear most especially on the Cliff Walk and the Killiney Hill walk. particularly where there is an absence of a tarmaced path and possible inclement weather - So again please remember the importance of wearing proper walking footwear (versus wearing an old pair of shoes/ankle boots with heels !, sandals, or canvas shoes), nobody needs to be getting a twisted ankle etc that could have been avoided by suitable footwear being worn. Also if anyone has suffered a back injury in the past they would need to ensure that they have the right type of footwear for walks and also insoles, to avoid back pain after the walk.

Group Rules:

The group is intended to be relaxed, informal and friendly. As a minimum, the following code of conduct is expected of all members:

No verbal abuse of the organisers/other members

No monitoring/questioning other members attendance

No using the group for commercial enterprise

(members account will be deleted if the site is used for this purpose)

Any members in breach of this code will be removed from the group.

No dogs allowed unless the organiser is in agreement.

Details on Meetups

• It is important that members read their emails on the site daily for any changes to the dates or times of the meetup.

• We are not responsible for members turning up to events that have been cancelled and have been given prior notice of cancellation.

As Organisers we dont take any responsibility for any accidents while out walking or if anyone has an issue with a restaurant/bar food etc. and is unhappy with the service or food, they would need to sort this issue out themselves at the time.

We hope you will enjoy this meetup group. There are lots of coastal walks that are lovely in the summer months, especially the Cliff Walk Bray to Greystones, Killiney Hill and Dun Laoghaire to Sandycove Harbour and Dalkey, Greystones to Kilcoole, Malahide to Portmarnock, Portmarnock to Howth and Clontarf to Howth.

Looking forward to meeting up soon.

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