What we're about

The purpose of Cobuild Miami is to improve the process of creating new Businesses in Florida. With this in mind, we have created a lean, scalable and Interdisciplinary framework to take your idea to the next level.

You don’t have to go to business alone. This road is unpredictable and unforgiving. On the other hand, the road to entrepreneurship is also exciting and rewarding. The anticipation can be a bit much to handle from either end. We know! We’ve been there.

And it doesn’t help to have to sort through thousands of programs and groups that all promise to take your business idea to the next level.

What Is Cobuild?
Cobuild is the process of transforming an idea in a sustainable business, through the combination and collaboration of the areas of Lean Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Technological Innovation, and Exponential Growth.

Why Cobuild?
You’ve heard the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Whether you consider yourself a hero or not, entrepreneurship comes with a great deal of power. This power can be quite destructive if handled with the wrong care. CoBuild Miami is where you come to train your entrepreneurial muscles and broaden your understanding of entrepreneurship

How To Cobuild?
There are many components to building a business, the problem is knowing where to initiate your efforts.
Join fellow entrepreneurs as we walk you through the business lifecycle from Idea to Business Startup to Maturation.
Our events are designed to get straight to the point with topics and workshops to help you become a better entrepreneur one step at a time over time.

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