CocoaHeads May, let's talk Combine!

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As our last months online event worked very well 🎉 we are going to host another one online. This time we are trying Jitsi (see sidebar for the link).

This months event is all about Combine!

⏰ Our schedule ⏰

19:00 - Virtual "doors" open
Let's gather in Slack!
Click here 👉🏼
to join our workspace '' to enable an easier communication.

19:30 - Meeting starts 🎉
Everyone joins the video call. Link in the sidebar (you need to RSVP).
Password: "combine"

19:45 - 1️⃣ Talk: Learning Combine by refactoring a networking layer - Donny Wals
In this talk Donny will explain the basics of Combine, and how they can be applied to refactor an existing networking layer into one that uses Combine. Attendees will learn about Combine’s Publishers, Subscribers, operators, the Cancellable protocol and more.

20:30 - Short Break

20:40 - 2️⃣ Talk: Intro to debugging asynchronous code with Timelane - Marin Todorov
In this talk Marin will introduce us to Timelane, his custom instrument that gets integrated directly in Xcode and helps you debug async code with Combine or RxSwift. He will cover the basics like installing, getting accustomed to the UI, and some real-life bug fixing with Timelane.

21:25 - Virtual get together

Note on Jitsi Compatibility: Jitsi is only officially supported via the iOS apps and Chrome (possibly Android apps, we weren't able to test those). While Safari seemingly works, in our experience Audio is unreliable, with people on Safari sometimes not hearing some participants while at the same time hearing others. For this reason, we recommend you use the iOS apps or Chrome, whatever suits you better.