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CocoaHeads Kraków #18

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Błażej B.


Long time no see, Dear CocoaHeads!
On the last day of September we're going to meet with two brilliant engineers:

• Marin Todorov (@icanzilb (, an independent iOS developer, will talk about "Animations with auto layout (now with stack views!)". Marin will show us not only how but why those animations work like a breeze. As a bonus - a demo of creating animations with iOS9’s UIStackView.

• Krzysztof Magiera (@kzzzf (, from Facebook, will give us an intro to React Native - an open source UI framework for building native mobile apps using ReactJS (a quick intro to ReactJS too). He'll talk about how FB uses React Native and about new iOS workflows it unlocks.

PS. Our friends from Tech Space ( will make sure we don't run out of snacks and drinks.

Leona Wyczółkowskiego 7 · Kraków