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Monthly CocoaHeads MTL Meetup @ WeWork L'Avenue

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Join us for a great evening of fun with all things Apple! This month, we'll be meeting at WeWork L'Avenue!

Food 🍕 will be provided by this month's sponsor, AmpMe.

As always, CocoaHeads MTL is open to all skill levels! No matter whether you're a grizzled veteran or just starting out, you'll find plenty of people to get along with. Don't be shy and come say hi!


• 17:30 - Doors open

• 18:00 - 🍕 and social

• 18:20 - Welcome, community news and sponsors

• 18:35 - Making Meetup with Kathy Tafel

• 19:05 - Finish what's left of the 🍕!

• 19:25 - Supercharge your Apps with NSOperations with Frank Courville

• 20:00 - Socialize some more and parting words

Kathy's talk description

Director of Mobile Engineering Kathy Tafel will walk you through the new Meetup app, released last year as a Swift rewrite. She’ll talk about the release with an eye to explaining design and engineering choices; poke around the Swift 3 migration; and take a deeper dive into some of the networking tricks that are possible when the other half of your engineering team has been doing the Internet thing for a long time. Free free to bring suggestions for Meetup in general and the Meetup app in particular.

Frank's talk description

In this talk, Frank will present how he uses NSOperations to supercharge his apps. Together, we'll look at what NSOperations are, how we can use them, and the types of problems they can easily solve. Get ready for a whole new world that not even Aladdin can show you.