Monthly CocoaHeads MTL Meetup @ Mirego

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Join us for a great evening of fun with all things Apple! This month, we'll be meeting at this month's sponsor, Mirego! Food and drinks will be provided.

As always, CocoaHeads MTL is open to all skill levels! No matter whether you're a grizzled veteran or just starting out, you'll find plenty of people to get along with. Don't be shy and come say hi!

Please RSVP (or update your status) before March 20th @ 18:00. It will help us plan for the right quantity of pizza 🍕.


• 18:00 - Pizza 🍕, beer 🍺 and social
• 18:30 - Welcome, community news and sponsors
• 18:45 - Language Server Protocol by Matt Massicotte
• 19:15 - Finish what's left of the pizza! 🍕
• 19:30 - Network Layers in 2019 by Frank Courville
• 20:00 - Socialize some more
• 20:15 - 🎙Come share with the Cocoa Dev Community🎙
• 21:00 - Parting words

Matt’s summary

Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a system that allows editors to have access to rich language features without needing to build custom support. The protocol was originally developed for Microsoft's VS Code project, but has quickly gained in popularity. Even Apple has started adopting it for Swift, and has publicly stated they will begin using LSP in Xcode. We'll take a look at the protocol, see some of its pros and cons, and then check out an open-source Swift library for interacting wth LSP

Frank’s summary

Many projects carry their old network layers for way too long. In this talk, Frank will explore the dos and don'ts of iOS networking in 2019. In this talk, you'll learn how to build a network layer that won't work against you, as well as some interesting networking features you can implement in your own apps!