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Join us for a great evening of fun with all things Apple! This month, we'll be meeting at this month's sponsor, INEAT Canada! Food and drinks will be provided.

As always, CocoaHeads MTL is open to all skill levels! No matter whether you're a grizzled veteran or just starting out, you'll find plenty of people to get along with. Don't be shy and come say hi!

Please RSVP (or update your status) before November 20th @ 18:00. It will help us plan for the right quantity of food 🍕.


• 18:00 - Food 🍕, beer 🍺 and social
• 18:20 - Welcome and community news
• 18:30 - Siri Shortcuts in iOS 13 with Yannick Stephan
• 19:00 - Socialize some more!
• 19:15 - Everything You Know About GCD Is a Lie with Frank Courville
• 19:45 - Finish what's left of the food! 🍕
• 20:00 - A Guided Tour of Crash Reporting with Matt Massicotte
• 20:30 - Parting words

Yannick’s Summary

- Présentation de l'application Raccourcis
- Présentation des Raccourcis
- Extension d'intentions et Extension d'intentions d’interface utilisateur
- Survole Intents.intentdefinition
- Création d’extension d'intentions et d’extension d'intentions d’interface utilisateur

Frank’s summary

We've all used GCD to schedule concurrent work. We create our own single-use dispatch queues, or we simply send stuff to the global queue. But how often do we consider what we're doing from the perspective of the system?

Concurrency is often counter-intuitive. In this talk, we're going to explore some scenarios where we assume we're doing the right thing, but in fact, we're only placing a bigger burden on the system. We'll answer questions like:
- How many dispatch queues should I create in my application?
- Is it alright to dispatch work to the global? Why or why not?
- How can we maximize the performance of our concurrent tasks? (Spoiler: it's probably not through parallelization)

Matt’s summary

Virtually all apps on iOS use a third-party crash reporting system. But, very few developers actually know how these systems work. Let's take a tour of crash reporting for Apple platforms. Along the way, we'll talk about the challenges and trade-offs that crash reporters have to make. And, I'll even include a surprise at the end!