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#24 CocoaHeads Shanghai for December 2016

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Hosted By
Guanshan L.


Speakers 嘉宾

Justin Miller: MapKit and MapBox

Lighting Talk: Lawrence Han 韩光 Puzzle Solving in Swift

Cœur ( Learning Swift Part.2

Avenue 会场

EF Shanghai Office, EF Labs (

Building 258, TongRen (铜仁) Road, Jing'An District, Shanghai

英孚教育 铜仁路258号

We are looking for sponsors

1. As a sponsor, what we can do for you?

- We will include your company name and logo in all our social media campaign.

- You can have 10 minutes to introduce your company to all attendees.

- Your company name and logo will be included in all speakers' presentation slides.

2. As a sponsor, what do you need to do for us?

- Provide a place to host our events (at least 20 people)

- Provide snacks and drinks during the events

Join us 加入我们

If you want to be a speaker, please contact me. Presentations can be 40-50 minutes long, or lightning talks for 5-30 minutes.


You can also join the CocoaHeads Shanghai WeChat group with us. Due to the limitation of WeChat group, you can only join by invitation. You can contact me by any of the following ways. I will send you the invitation.

1. WeChat, see the QR code below or search my ID: 4603205

2. Mail:

3. Twitter: @guanshanliu

欢迎加入我们的CocoaHeads Shanghai微信群。通过以下的方式与我联系,我来邀请大家加入:

1. 微信,参见下面的二维码,或者通过我的ID: 4603205

2. 邮箱:

3. Twitter: @guanshanliu

EF Shanghai Office, EF Labs
Building 258, TongRen (铜仁) Road, Jing'An District · Shanghai
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