The day I discovered Coding (a free beginners course for coding)

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Are you curious about coding? Do you want to experience what you can do with coding or where you could start?

Knowing code opens a lot of creative doors for you. You can literally create anything you want when you know how to code! So do you want to create a cool app like Instagram, or create 3D fashion, or build robots who will do anything for you... you have to start somewhere!

And because we understand that it is very hard to determine where that "somewhere" is, we introduce you to a beginner's workshop! During this Saturday, you will get an introduction to programming. It's free. And we offer lunch. Codam-style!

10.00 // Walk-in, coffee
10.15 // Opening presentation
10.30 // Challenge 1: create a dance game (even if you know nothing about programming, don't worry!)
11.15 // Challenge 2: make your own Flappy Birds game
12.15 // Lunch
13.00 // Challenge 3: Robozzle (small intro to game and code)
14.00 // Challenge 4: make your own app in App Lab
15.30 // Coffee break
16.00 // Terminal deep dive
17.00 // End

Location and route
Codam Coding College is the big black-and-white striped building on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam, Kattenburgerstraat 7. The building number is 039. When entering the Marineterrein, look out for us to guide you the way! We are wearing a black t-shirt with the Codam logo. Directions from Amsterdam CS:

Who are we?
Codam is a brand new tuition-free university where students learn to program in a peer-to-peer environment. Everyone can apply, you don't need a diploma or prior experience in coding! And because we love coding so much, we decided to host a beginners course in coding!

Questions? Let us know below or reach out via [masked]!