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TypeScript: JavaScript’s Safety Harness

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TypeScript was introduced to the world in 2012 by Microsoft. Designed by Anders Hejlsberg who created Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and is the lead architect of the C# programming language, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that provides optional static types and classic object-oriented principles to the language. Designed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving JavaScript “ECMAScript” specification, TypeScript is a way to future-proof applications by leveraging cutting edge features in current browsers that may not support them yet. This talk introduces TypeScript through a series of hands on experiments. Jeremy will share his insights based on years of developing enterprise grade web applications with large teams leveraging TypeScript and why it is a “must know” language for the modern web developer.

About the Speaker

Jeremy Likness is the director of application development and principal architect for Atlanta-based iVision (, a company that provides full technology services from data center hardware to cloud-based application services. Jeremy spent the first half of his career in product development working for well-known Atlanta companies like Manhattan Associates. He was AirWatch’s third employee and led their technology department for almost four years before transitioning his career to consulting where he has engineered enterprise solutions with a focus on web-based solutions for the past ten years. Jeremy speaks at events around the country from large conferences to local user groups and is a prolific writer who has published hundreds of articles and blog posts and authored several technology books. In his free time Jeremy likes to run, hike, CrossFit, and climb mountains with his wife and daughter. Jeremy consumes a 100% plant-based diet and loves any excuse to play 9-ball.

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