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Hello everyone,

We are going to meet and talk about serverless technologies. Servereless is no longer just a buzz word. A lot of companies nowadays are using serverless technologies in production environments and the popularity of these technologies keeps growing with each passing day.
Join us to discuss the different services on Azure that allow you to quick start your journey to the serverless environment.

17:15-18:00 Gathering, eating, chatting and networking
18:00-18:50 It's a Serverless World - Eran Stiller
18:50-19:10 A Short Break
19:10-19:40 Logic Apps - Serverless Without Coding - Alex Pshul
19:45-20:15 Azure Functions - Your Code, No Server! - Moaid Hathot

* All the sessions will be given in Hebrew


** It's a Serverless World (Eran Stiller) **

Serverless platforms are not new anymore; even Serverless Compute has been around for a while, with popular implementations such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions. However, Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) platforms are just the tip of the iceberg, as new cutting edge Serverless abstractions such as Containers-as-a-Services (CaaS) and Serverless Application Platforms come into play.
In this session we’ll discuss multiple modern Serverless platform abstractions, along with demonstrations from the all major public cloud vendors – AWS, Azure & GCP.

About Eran:
Eran Stiller is the CTO and Co-Founder of CodeValue. As CodeValue’s CTO, Eran designs, implements and reviews various software solutions across multiple business domains. With many years of experience in software development and architecture and a track record of public speaking and community contribution, Eran is recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director (MRD) since 2018 and as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Microsoft Azure since 2016.


** Logic Apps - Serverless Without Coding (Alex Pshul) **

Every system has flows. Some flows are complex and require a lot of thinking, coding and planning by the R&D team. On the other hand, there are simple flows: send an email when a new item is added to an Azure Blob Storage or post on your social network when a new version of your app is released. Such simple flows are common to a lot of systems and the only difference between them is the configuration.
In this session, we are going to check out Azure Logic Apps and see how we can create simple flows with a visual designer without writing any code and even without opening an IDE.

About Alex:
Alex is a software architect, consultant, speaker and a tech freak that works as a Software Architect & Consultant at CodeValue Israel.
Alex is a leading expert on .Net client side development and different Azure services with great passion for software architecture.
You can reach Alex on twitter @AlexPshul.


** Azure Functions - Your Code, No Server! (Moaid Hathot) **

Have you ever wanted to write business logic and deploy it to the cloud without worrying about infrastructures, scaling, servers, virtual machines or containers? This task is now easier than ever using Serverless Compute Platforms such as Azure Functions.
With Azure Functions you can implement powerful and scalable event-driven pieces of code, aka Functions, using your Programming Language of choice and just deploy it to the cloud.
In this session we are going to demonstrate how we can use Azure Functions to implement a business logic, test it and deploy it to Azure in less than 30 minutes.

About Moaid:
Moaid is a Software Consultant, Code Jedi and an OzCode Evangelist at CodeValue. He views Software development as both an Art form and a Profession, and he is an advocate for Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code methodologies.
In his blog ( Moaid writes about software, programming languages, software development tools and anything else he finds interesting.