• Play indie arcade games at Wonderville with us!

    Indie arcade Wonderville (https://www.wonderville.nyc) opened up recently, and we're going to check it out! Wonderville is a new arcade/bar/gallery for showcasing indie games. Think 10-player, 1-button games, co-op log-rolling, kung-fu kickball, LGBTQ-themed games, and infinite mirror pinball. As always, Bushwick: Code, Drink, Talk is open to all aspects of the tech community. Come by to socialize, have a beer, and play a few games.

  • April meetup!

    Location visible to members

    Accidentally posted this Wednesday, sorry! The Johnsons has a winning combo of food and pool tables, so let’s do it!

  • April meetup!

    The Johnsons

    There’s pool tables! Let’s do it!

  • March meetup at Mad Tropical

    Mad Tropical

    Formerly known as Tandem, we haven’t had a meetup here since the name change. They have some great Cali-Mex food and the layout is the same as Tandem with some slight renovations and more plants. A good place to start the spring!

  • Arcade meetup!


    Thanks to everyone who braved the extreme cold last time! What weather will next week bring? Flip a coin: heads polar vortex, tails, 60 degrees and sunny. We’ll be warm inside at Tiltz: a bar with a bunch of classic arcade games that opened a few months ago. They were giving away tokens with drinks last time I went! There is a trivia night at 8 as well if anyone is interested. Let’s put our mighty geek brains to use!

  • January Meetup

    The Well Brooklyn

    Brave the cold and come nerd it up at our old favorite, The Well. Last time we ended up talking about Amiga/C64 and other demo scenes. It will be tough to out-geek that, but gosh darn it, we’ll try. Now some shameless self-promotion, my company (www.bikelanesolutions.com) is looking for a front end developer with at least a year or two of React experience. It’s honestly a great place to work. Hit me (Mike, [masked]) up or just come to the meetup.

  • Holiday Mood


    Get in the holiday spirit with fellow followers of the one true religion: Coding! Thanks to a suggestion from a member, we are going to Mood Ring. Any Wong Kar Wai fans? It’s the end of the year. Come recap, share, commiserate, and discuss where this Meetup could go in the future!

  • October meetup


    Two meetups in a row! We’re on a roll here! Thanks to the old and new faces that came last time. Location decided! Braven brewing right off the Morgan L stop on Harrison. Lantern Hall was a favorite spot for many Code, Drink, Talkers, so it’s good to see the spot re-open and support local beer!

  • Code, Drink, Talk: 5th Anniversary!

    LOT 45

    August marked the 5 year anniversary of this meetup, so let’s celebrate and reminisce together! Location may change because they have been having odd hours.

  • July meetup


    It’s been too long and there’s a new, Canada-themed bar. Do it for America’s international relations. We are also planning a big to-do for the end of August as it will be the 5th anniversary of Code, Drink, Talk: Bushwick!