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Have you wondered what it would take to develop your own mobile app? Have you been learning how to code using online courses and are looking to meet other learners? Are you working on your first game but you need help to get unstuck? Or you're an entrepreneur looking to build your idea by yourself? Join us for one of our many coffee & code sessions and we will help you on your way!

Code Hatch Vancouver is the Vancouver chapter of the Pitonneux community in Montreal. Les Pitonneux is a not-for-profit talent incubator and community for people who are self-directed learners, and want to become proficient programmers and developers. We run a 12-week "un-bootcamp" program called LAB12 ( http://lab12.ca ), which is a collaborative, peer-to-peer, project-based learning program in the form of learning circles. Send us a message if you'd like to have a LAB12 cohort started in your city! ( http://www.lab12.ca/#contact-form )

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