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Let's Do Some Harder Fun Code Challenges!
Code Katas Come join us for our monthly advanced meetup! With that said all skill levels are welcome to come and if you have problems we would love to help! We tend to start with problems with a similar difficulty as this problem: We usually do challenges on or, but depending on the night and who shows up, we might switch it up and do or try out a new resource. Try a challenge on your own, and share your solution with the group, or share your screen and walk through the code kata with help. Things to know: Food and drink are welcome. You should bring a laptop. We hope to see you here!


215 East Davis Blvd · Tampa

What we're about

What does it take to become great at something? Hard work, right? Then you might also agree that it takes lots of practice too. This meetup aims to help members become better at coding through code katas. You are now probably wondering what a kata is. Kata is a Japanese term that refers to individual training exercises for practitioners of karate. A code kata, therefore, is an exercise for practitioners of code. A kata, in any sense, aims to help individuals improve their ability through structured exercises. This group strives to do just that for coders who seek to level up their problem-solving skills with code katas from Code Wars, Code Fights, Exercism, and Free Code Camp, just to name a few.

As a base, we use the Free Code Camp algorithm challenges to start but this group is not limited to that curriculum. Our hope is that this group expands and grows to solve not only other katas found on the web but in other languages too!

Come one, come all, and let's see how we can improve one code kata at a time!

Find us on Twitter @code_katas!

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