Getting started with Golang

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Go also known as Golang is a language designed at Google. Some very well known projects such as Docker and Kubernetes are written in it and some very large organizations (besides Google) are moving a lot of their code to Go.

In this 3-hours long hands-on workshop we are going to start learning it.

We'll see how much can we cover from the following material:

* Why Go is such a great language? - skipped. I am not going to "sell" the language.
* Hello World
* Command-line parameters
* Data Types (int, floating point, string, slice, map)
* Conditions, Loops
* Functions
* Read-Write files
* Access web sites (http requests)

Host and Trainer: Gabor Szabo

At least one year experience in some other programming language.
This is a hands-on workshop. Bring your own computer on which you can do the exercises!