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What we’re about

Our mission is to provide individuals from underrepresented backgrounds with opportunities to solve real-world problems, learn, collaborate and showcase their skills through our free and regular Innovation Lab days.

Our free and inclusive events are sponsored by the biggest disruptors in technology, such as Google, Monzo, the UK Department for Education, Amido, Neyber, Accenture and HubHub.

Why Innovation Labs? At Code Untapped we want to do more than upskill individuals. We want to instil in them an entrepreneurial spirit and provide them with startup spinout opportunities. We also help them acquire jobs with our sponsors.

Our Innovation Lab days cover a wide range of skills important to product and start-up development so that we can produce the best entrepreneurial technologists.

Our events provide a series of workshops covering team formation, project ideation and planning. Followed by a choice of workshops covering user experience design, pitch deck writing, presenting and full-stack web & mobile development.

Our sponsors provide a real-world problem, we provide our amazing coaches and together we then spend half a day actually building and deploying a real product. Teams with innovative solutions get the opportunity to spin out as a funded start-up.

Ultimately we tailor the event to you guys regardless of your level or technical background!