Lightning (Tech) Talks at the Michael Kusalaba Library

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Code Youngstown is excited to invite you to the brand new Michael Kusalaba Branch Public Library for our first Lightning (Tech) Talk event!

What is a Lightning Talk? A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or similar forum. Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by different speakers in a single session.

We'll be hosting ~5 talks, each up to 6 minutes long.

Speakers (so far):

Ben Rinehart
- Basics of Design/UX for Backend Developers Who “Don’t Do Pretty"
- Some helpful basics, rules and tools that backend developers can use to ensure their apps look great and are usable by wide audiences with little knowledge needed of design theory.

James Kleeh
- Compile Your Queries with Micronaut!
- Micronaut Predator (short for Precomputed Data Repositories) is a database access toolkit that uses Ahead of Time (AoT) compilation to pre-compute queries for repository interfaces that are then executed by a thin, lightweight runtime layer.

Jeff Rimko
- FZF Demo
- FZF is a cross platform CLI fuzzy finder. Let's review installation and some use cases.

Keith Logan
- One Million Jobs - Doing the "Patchwork on the Pipeline"
- This tech talk is about raising the awareness concerning the one million tech jobs (available by 2020) vs. Youngstown's unemployment rate. The talk also highlights efforts to increase the visibility among people of color within the technology industry.

Chris Palmer
- Live Coding Music with Sonic-Pi
- A quick tutorial of how to get started with Sonic-Pi and a demonstration of live coding music

Want to give a lightning talk? Email [masked] with a title and short summary of the talk you want to give. Talks should be tech related, and on something you are excited to share!