Code For PDX Inaugural Work Party

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Lucky Lab

1945 Nw Quimby St · Portland

How to find us

Please check in with one of our Event Crew and we will send you in the right direction.

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[ 6:00PM ] Arrive and check in to get your table assignment.

When you first arrive, please look out for someone from Code For PDX who will be checking people in. If you already know which project you want to work on and have been to a meeting before, you will be checked in by name and sent to the correct table. If you are a newcomer or aren't sure which project you want to work on yet, you will be sent to the initiation area, where we will get you connected on Slack and Meetup and have information about each project to browse through. If you decide to join one of the groups or want to simply observe, just ask our check-in person and we will send you in the right direction.

[ 6:15PM ] Check in with your assigned group.

Once you have been assigned a group, you will check in with the project manager for that group and have some time to chat with others in the group or get a drink.

[ 6:30PM ] Project Managers start group meetings.

This is where the fun begins and the project managers will start to form a plan for each project with input from the members. We will work on projects until 8:45PM.

[ 8:45PM ] Wrap Up w/ Project Managers.

We will then discuss expectations for the next meeting and next steps for each project.

[ 9:00PM ] Meeting ends.


Project Managers
If you have experience in project management or would like a bigger role in helping with our organization, I would love to hear from you! We are looking for experienced project managers or senior developers who would like to take on a leadership role in our projects.

Event Crew
I am also looking for people who can arrive a half hour early to assist with event set-up or stay a half hour after the event to help with event break-down on Wednesday, October 10th, so please reach out if you can spare an extra 30 minutes.
If you cant make this meeting but have interest in helping with future events, please reach out. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Partner Organization: Commons Law Center
Problem: Access to legal services is expensive, which results in many people having to represent themselves in court.
Goal: Increase the efficacy of the Commons Law Center by creating software which increases the productivity of its staff.
Output: Pre-filled customized set of forms for each case and a guide to court proceedings that will be sent to the applicant.

Partner Organization: Clackamas County Health, Housing & Human Services
Problem: County needs better tools to assess public health issues and concerns
Goal: Improve the county's ability to assess potential public health hazards and modernize the county's disease fighting ability, specifically with regards to Hepatitus A
1) Social Media Scraper: searches for epidemiological keywords related to Hepatitus A within the county and produces data points which can be used to analyze health issues
2) County Health Map: uses county information to provide people with information about possible public health concerns and creates a public health website which will display public health information for the county using CIVIC API
3) Public Health Community Website: launch a website based on a Wordpress template to display community public health information