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Effective as of July 2023, we are changing our name to “Open Source San Jose” from “Code For San Jose” . This change comes as a legal directive from Code For America, in effort to let go of its brigade program and shift management back to its individual chapters.
We believe this new name better reflects our mission and aligns with our commitment to open-source principles for our community in the South Bay Area. For more details about this transition and its implications, please visit the FAQ page at

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Open Source San José (formerly Code for San José) is an all-volunteer organization that works on civic innovation and government technology projects. Our mission is to make community services more transparent, accessible, and equitable by collaborating with local government and community-based organizations on open-source, free-to-use projects.

Our volunteers are coders, designers, data geeks, policy wonks, community activists, and/or everyday community members. We welcome anyone who is interested in innovating community services - no matter the location of your residency or your professional background.

We hold monthly "civic hack nights" on the first Thursday of each month in where our members convene to work on Open Source San José projects at 6:30pm PST.

Find a list of our active projects here.
Learn more on the Open Source San José website, and keep up-to-date via Mastodon, Twitter, and Facebook.
If this sounds like your cup of tea, please checkout our conversations on Discord and join our Slack channel to begin the onboarding process.

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