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"Continuous Integration: What It Is and Why You Need It". Join us for a free talk + workshop from CircleCI's Solution Engineer Eugene Choe!
(New date: June 19th). このmeetupは英語で開催されますが、基本的な英語が分かれば問題ありません!


"Continuous Integration: What It Is and Why You Need It". This talk and workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning about what Continuous Integration is, why one would want to adopt it, and how it works. The audience can expect a relatively technical-light talk session that challenges them to think critically about their software development practice.


More than anything else (professionally), Eugene wants to help organizations and individuals spend less time on maintenance and management, and focus more on building actual products.

Eugene's worked the last couple years at CircleCI as a Solutions Engineer, helping customers with all things CI and CircleCI. He is a graduate from Hack Reactor, a San Francisco-based programming bootcamp. Prior to CircleCI, he's worked in a myriad of industries and roles, including as a hedge fund analyst and a fine dining chef.


19:00 - Doors open & Mingling
19:30 - Introductions
19:40 - Continuous Integration Talk
20:10 - CircleCI Workshop
21:15 - Wrap up
21:30 - End

Anyone interested is welcome to join. No laptops necessary!


Velocity is critical for software teams in today's competitive landscape, but maintaining speed can be difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI’s platform allows developers to rapidly release code (for web and mobile apps) they trust by automating the build, test, and deploy process. CircleCI enables developers to detect and fix bugs before they even reach customers. Thousands of leading companies including Facebook, Kickstarter, Shyp and Spotify rely on CircleCI to accelerate delivery of their code and enable developers to focus on creating business value fast.


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