MiniConf #9 - Series of Lightning Talks - Animation, Git Branching, UI and more!


MiniConf is a series of Lightning Talks that explore current topics in tech.

We are excited to have 4 amazing speakers joining us again!


19:00 - Doors Open
19:30 - Intro (Sharp!)
19:35 - 21:00 Lightning Talks (4 x 15 min) & Q&As

1) The FLIP Method for High Performance Web Animation
2) Custom Components for Rapid UI Prototyping in TouchDesigner
3) Successful Git Branching Model Used in Today's Tech Companies
4) Intro to Design Patterns

21:00 - Networking
21:30 - END


*Lachlan Bradford*
Design Technologist @ Indeed

Topic: The FLIP Method for High Performance Web Animation

We will cover a powerful technique known as FLIP (First Last Invert Play) to achieve some otherwise very tricky animations. As an example, Lachlan will implement a beautiful animated list of re-orderable items.

This talk is suitable for those who know the basics of CSS animations and have some experience with React.

Lachlan is a front-end developer who helps teams at Indeed produce rapid prototypes, and to implement their design system company-wide. He loves everything UI-related and has a hard time saying no to designers!



*Jasper Degens*
Interactive Engineer @ teamLab

Topic: Custom Components for Rapid UI Prototyping in TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner is visual programming software that is often used for visual/audio performances and visual prototyping -- basically you can use it to make cool visual effects! Changing these effects often requires manipulating many parameters, and one easy way to do this is through a UI. Too bad building UIs are a pain, or are they? This presentation will show how a few custom components can help quickly build a usable UI so you can spend more time having fun with your effects.

Jasper has spent the last 3 years in Japan as an interactive engineer for teamLab. For work he builds and installs large-scale interactive installations around the world, and for fun he travels to new places in search of adventure.


*Shirley Kotian*
Full Stack Engineer @ Rakuten

Topic: Successful Git Branching Model Used in Today's Tech Companies

With large teams working on the same project and model, it is difficult to manage integrity of code even when using version control systems like git. Releasing a new update is especially tedious while maintaining quality of code. This talk will help in understanding best practices and branching models for maintaining quality and leaving little room for error.

This talk is targeted especially for beginner-level developers with little or no experience in corporate computer engineering.

Shirley is an full stack engineer at Rakuten. She has been working as a Java developer and has experience with large scale projects and end-to-end engineering. She has also worked as a devops engineer and is passionate about improving software practices using Continuous Integration/Delivery.

Facebook: Shirley Kotian


*Chris Gerpheide*
CTO @ Bespoke

Topic: Intro to Design Patterns

Chris will describe the why and how of object-oriented design patterns, such as factories, builders, and singletons.

Design patterns have long been helping object-oriented programmers keep code maintainable, easy to use, and easy to test. However, recognizing when to use them and knowing how to implement them is not always straightforward.

The talk is especially useful for newer programmers or programmers coming from scripting backgrounds.

Chris is CTO at the machine learning company Bespoke, maker of Bebot, a chatbot for tourists in Japan. Before joining Bespoke, she was a software engineer and engineering manager at Amazon Web Services in The Netherlands.

Twitter: @phoxicle



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