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Python Code Dojo

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Katja D. and Eleni L.
Python Code Dojo


What is a Code Dojo?

People who train in martial arts attend dojos where they practice and try to expand their skills and achieve self-improvement. The idea is that in order to become an expert in anything you need to repeatedly perform deliberate practice. Dojos are also places where people of variable experience levels can engage with each other, share knowledge and give support.

A Code Dojo tries to take those ideas and apply them in the process of master programming languages. Our version of the Dojo was inspired by the London Python Dojo (


This is what a typical session could look like:

  • Arrive, meet and greet

  • Decide on a topic/"exercise" to work on:

-- Suggest ideas (anyone can suggest things, it could be a game like tic-tac-toe, connect5 etc or an algorithm, or a tweet generator...)

-- Vote to decide on 1 exercise to work on

  • Randomly split into teams of 2-4 people

  • Each team works together (using Python) to solve the exercise at hand

  • Each team presents their (complete or incomplete!) solution, talking through their creative process.

The spirit of the Dojo will be:

  • Non-competitive, collaborative, fun environment


  • Safe to try new ideas



  • We will be using Python as our programming language.

Even if you don't have much experience and only know some basics you can still participate!

  • To participate in the Dojo you will need to come to the venue.

This is because we will need to run things at specific times and do some presentations at the end, which may make it tricky to incorporate remote people (for now!).

  • Please aim to arrive on time.

We should be making introductions and voting on ideas in the first 30 minutes, so we will form teams and get started on the exercise by around 6.30.

Framework, 35 King Street · Bristol
25 spots left