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Prediction of programming Languages " The Next Big Programming Language You've Never Heard ""

We love options and alternatives, but more choices make it harder to decide. That is true for development, too. That’s why we want to break it down for you and make it very easy. Join this group now

" All won't just stay at the top, according to a predictive model "

************ Programming languages worth learning now

Go: Simple and dynamic

Kotlin: Java reconsidered

Rust: Safe and usable systems language

TypeScript: JavaScript you’ll like

Rust: Safe and usable systems language

Haskell: Functional programming, pure and simple

Clojure , Elixir, F# , ,TypeScript , Lua , Dart , Ring , Erlang









**************************Explore Endless Programming Languages ..

These strong alternatives to the popular languages C , C++ ,Python ,Java , JavaScript ,C#,PHP,Perl,R,Ruby,Matlab are gaining steam and may be the perfect fit for your next project .

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