What we're about

Codebridge is an open community.

We believe that we are able to use our collective interest in technology and social change to serve local communities and explore alternate ways of addressing South African social problems.

We are committed to the values of transparency and voluntary association - not only in the projects that we focus on, but also in the way that Codebridge itself is managed. This means that not only do we strive to honour the principles espoused in the open source and open data movements, but that we also feel that anyone, regardless of their skill set or background, should be able to contribute or extend the work that we are doing.

We aim to achieve the above by:

β€’ Advocating for and advancing the practice of civic-tech in South Africa.

β€’ Holding ourselves accountable to our own principles of honesty and openness.

β€’ Proactively pursuing opportunities for community members to take ownership, co-create and/or help guide the shape of Codebridge.

β€’ Being open to work with all individuals and organisations that share our views as stated above.Being mindful that civic-tech is not always the solution.

β€’ Acknowledging the reality and legacy of the various social issues that we face as South Africans in the 21st century.

Upcoming events (5+)

Jamathon at Codebridge 🎢


Tired of developers having all the fun at hackathons? Join us at the Codebridge Musician Jamathon! πŸŽ‰ 🎢 So how does a Jamathon work? --------------------- In short, it is a hackathon for musicians. The idea is to get together and just jam with others. The idea is to have a whole bunch of people bring there instruments and setup. A set amount of people will be jamming for 15 minutes at a time and then we will rotate to the next volunteers. 🎸 What do I need to bring? -------------------- Just bring yourself and your preferred instrument, make sure to bring a multi-plug if you have a lot of electronic equipment. Just bring whatever you think can work. πŸš— Is there parking? -------------------- We have lots of free parking right at the door if you are coming by car or motorcycle. πŸ” Is there food? ---------------------- Unfortunately not, but there is a Pick 'n Pay 300 meters from the venue, and a Woolworths Food about 800 meters from the venue.

Programming Workshop for Kids (aged 8-17)


This an event aimed at kids between 8-17 years, interested in learning programming by means of creating a playable game. However, adults are also more than welcome! You can view our previous events at: https://bit.ly/2Kuus5R πŸŽͺ Price of Admission ------------------- Completely FREE. πŸ’» What do you need? ------------------- Since the event centers around basic game programming, children must have basic mathematics literacy (of age 8 - 17 years). You are welcome to just observe and listen. However, if you want to partake in the workshop, you will need to bring your own laptop or desktop computer. πŸ‘½ Facilitation ------------------- The event will be hosted by the phenomenal Devoxx4Kids South Africa (http://www.devoxx4kids.org). However, there will also be Codebridge Community volunteers helping out during the day. ⏰ How long will this take? ------------------- The entire day from 9AM until 4PM. πŸš— Is there parking? ------------------- We have lots of free parking right at the door if you are coming by car. The venue is also very close to the Newlands taxi rank (500m) and the Newlands train station (300m) if you are coming by public transport. πŸ” Will there be lunch? ---------------------- Unfortunately not, but there is a Pick 'n Pay 300 meters from the venue, and a Woolworths Food about 800 meters from the venue.

Vue.js in Cape Town: Static-sites with Nuxt.js

πŸ›Έ Speaker Line-up ------------------- πŸ‘½ Shailen Naidoo will talk about his journey into static-sites (which is a trendy topic in web dev now) and how to use Nuxt.js to build a static site. He will also talk about why static-sites are so cool and how they help us with SEO (No server-side rendering needed) πŸŽ₯ Showcasing Vue projects ------------------- πŸ‘½ You could showcase your Vue projects πŸš€ Want to be our next speaker? ------------------- If you are interested in sharing a Vue.js project or anything else Vue.js related you can let us know through the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/7btBTH04pl0ufxUH3 ❀️ Our sponsor ------------------- Snacks and drinks are provided by Gettruck Technologies (https://gettruck.co.za), a local Vue.js‑powered startup that helps to connect those relocating or moving to a new house with reliable transporters. 🚐 What about transport/parking? ------------------- We have lots of free parking right at the door if you are coming by car or motorcycle. The venue is also very close to the Newlands taxi rank if you are coming by taxi. πŸ’» What should I bring? ------------------- You are not required to bring anything along. However you are welcome to bring your laptop along if you want to follow along or try out some of the examples yourself during the talk. We have power outlets and super-speedy internet already set up!

Codebridge Community Evening


πŸ’› Interested in using technology for social good? This is an opportunity to: β†’ Get started on one of our open-source civic tech projects. β†’ Work on your own project, and perhaps find collaborators β†’ Network and find out about tech projects that are in service of others. Check out the promo video created by community member Una Karlsen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJu_KeYvZxg! Have a look at the projects you can get involved in: https://bit.ly/2OQHhG6 Havea any questions or struggling to find the venue? Please give us a call on[masked]. πŸ‘ͺ Can I join? ------------------- Yes! Due to the nature of the projects we tend to attract a lot of programmers, however, we are in dire need of the following: - Digital Designers - Project Managers - Activists - Journalists - Researchers - Engaged Citizens 🚐 What about transport? ------------------- We have lots of free parking right at the door if you are coming by car or motorcycle. However if you are coming by train or taxi (both the station and taxi rank is about 200m from Codebridge) we offer a free shuttle service that can take you back home if you live in Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain, Guguletu, Langa, Bonteheuwel, Delft, Blue Downs and the surrounding areas. Please send one of the organizers a message or an email to [masked] at least two days before the event if you are interested in making use of the shuttle service. 🍝 What about dinner? ------------------- We have a fully kitted out kitchen, with a sandwich toaster and oven. We provide bread and toppings (bacon, ham, green pepper, cheese, mushrooms, etc.) on the house if you want to make your own toasted sandwich. We also have some frozen pizza bases in the freezer if you want to turn the above into a pizza in our oven. However, attendees are more than welcome to bring their own dinner or order pizza/takeout. Did we mention that we also have a coffee machine, snacks and free drinks? πŸ’» What should I bring? ------------------- We encourage you to (if you are able to) bring a laptop along - we have a working space and super-speedy internet already set up. However, there are couches and a kitchen too if you just want to hang out and network with community members. 🎺 Is anything specific planned? ------------------- These are not structured meetups, with a set agenda, speakers and all that jazz. Instead, these evenings carve out a time and space for magic to happen, which we believe it can and will with the right setting and a diverse group of people gathering together with a shared vision of creating cool stuff that makes a difference in someone's life. However, we formally kick off the evening at 19:00 with some introductions and checking in with all projects currently looking for contributors (and contributors looking for projects). πŸ“‘ Can I get involved remotely? ------------------- Yes! We have a very active online discussion channel on the "ZA Tech" Slack workspace. Please please pop in and introduce yourself: 1️⃣ Request an invite to "ZA Tech" (a discussion platform used by the South African tech community): https://zatech-slack-inviter.herokuapp.com/ 2️⃣ Once in, go to channels in "ZA Tech" and search for "codebridge-newlands". 3️⃣ Click the join button at the bottom of the screen and introduce yourself (we are a super friendly bunch)! 4️⃣ Make sure to also join our sister channel "#tech-for-good" if you are interested in exploring ways in which tech can be used for social good in South Africa.

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