Code for BCS Hack & Hang Downtown (Courtbot Workshop)

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This CFBCS Meetup is meant to be non-structured time for meeting folks, sharing ideas, working on projects, and building friendships with others in the BCS community who are passionate about technology/civic engagement in a public setting. Just come and hang out if any of that resonates with you, no pressure!

At this specific meetup I’ll be walking folks through how to install a Linux subsystem on their Windows laptop or Chromebook and get “CFBCS Courtbot” (our current ongoing project) running locally. This will allow those interested to run, test, and edit/push code to the GitHub repo for the project. Bring your laptop!

Loose Agenda
6:30 👋🏾👋🏽 Intros & Announcements
6:45 🤓🔬Any planned/impromptu sharing about a new process, tool, language, issue, or technology being learned
7:00 ⚖️🤖 Walk through Courtbot install
8:30 ✌🏾🙋🏼‍♂️Wrap up and head out

The Village Cafe has killer food/drink so feel free to support this amazing local business by ordering something on your way in! Just note that CFBCS will not be providing any food/drink.