What we're about

Coding Dojo is programming workout for those who want to write better quality code and get priceless experience seeing unexpected, out-of-the box solutions being created by others.

What is it?
Dojo is the Japanese term for “place of the way”, but it mostly describes a training place for martial arts. For us, it is a training place to learn more about writing good quality code and gaining tremendously valuable insights into the way other people solve problems.

Who is invited?
Code Dojo is open to all software craftsmen. Regardless of your job description in Outlook email signature, you are welcome. This includes testers, architects, project managers, analysts, lead programmers, programmers yet to discover the joys of Extract Method refactoring shortcut key and you. Especially you!

Why do it?
To become better, practice you must! Two hours in a Code Dojo will teach you far more than a month grinding out one Model-View-Controller after another. Solving seemingly simple problems in different ways and under different restrictions will challenge your mind, seeing how other people steer their solutions to glorious victory through the rocky Red-Green-Refactor cycles will broaden your own approach and improve your skills. You are guaranteed to walk away with multiple invaluable insights.

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