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What we’re about

This group is for entrepreneurs and techies who want to collaborate within a diverse community of coders. This is open to professionals with varying degrees of experience, those interested in finding co-partners or co-founders for their start-ups. There are some incredible ideas and innovators emerging in the Black, Asian and Latino and Middle Eastern communities. This meetup intends to link you with people you may otherwise never meet, to create meaningful connections and powerful teams.

The mission of Coding in Color is to engender a cultural appreciation for software as an artistic medium for creative expression and storytelling.

Software has become a ritual part of daily life. Nearly everything -- from our phones to our cars -- is powered by software. But despite its omnipresence, the people who build it and write it appear hidden.

Coding in Color asserts that software is an art form -- much like music or painting; and at the center of all art are the people that make it and the subjects it portrays. Software, just like art, exists in a social, economic, and political context. It is a means of production, and ownership of the means of production is tantamount to the exercise of power and control in this context. Due to the historical processes at play shaping this context, many are excluded from the benefits of its production. And thus Coding in Color aims to foster empowerment and inclusion in an otherwise disillusioning or even hostile environment.

Coding in Color will closely network with Black Founders of The San Francisco Bay Area, another Meetup group, to accomplish these and other goals.

Read the Black Founders of The San Francisco Bay Area “What we’re about” description on its front page to fully understand its mission Current members of Code in Color will continue to be members without having to pay the $4 monthly membership fee until April 1, 2022. New members will be required to pay the $4 monthly fee immediately.

What Black Founders of the San Francisco Bay Area is about:

"We will use artificial intelligence to connect and manage collaborators who seek to replicate the success of the Presidio Trust/Presidio National Park ( other real estate projects, developments, and/or technology projects, by using trade secrets and/or well-concealed strategies that it is using. No project is too large or too small. We will also organize select members to obtain high-end speaking engagements, and to develop high-end online courses to provide the guidance to use these trade secrets and/or well-concealed strategies that it is using. Robert Evans, the Organizer of Black Founders of San Francisco, is the person that provided the Presidio Trust with these same trade secrets and/or well-concealed strategies that it is using, which ensured its success. We will also develop a rapid-response litigation process to protect our legal interests, as well as the legal interests of collaborators as much as advisable. More information on this later.

Our special causes are Internal Medicine (research and development; health care delivery systems). And the career support of black comedians and comics.

We will establish other meetup groups, opened to all races, similar to this one across the nation; but a fee will be charged for those who become members of these new groups. The fees will be shared, 50-50, between Robert Evans and members of this group who make a buy-in of $500 or less (based on the size of the city in which the group is located). All members who make a buy-in in group(s) will be responsible for programming/managing the group(s) on a rotating basis with Robert Evans' oversight. More information about this plan will be provided later.

All rules, regulations, terms and conditions, of the Black Founders of the Bay Area Meetup Group, are subject to change without prior notice."

Larger and mid-size organizations, businesses, marketing agencies, celebrities, well-funded individuals, etc., that wish to become involved with us, must first enroll in one of our collaborator's here:

When and where we go from here depends on future developments.