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First Founded back in 2005 Coed Sports LA is an activity group that runs organized sports, pick up games, leagues and related events.

Now play FREE games with us. We no longer charge the $5 to $10 game fee per event. We are now a Membership only group. Only $25 for the FULL Calendar Year! That's around $2 a month. So you can now play in all the games you like for free! If fields or gym space must be rented, we will allow the group leader to charge no more than $3 a person per event to cover the rental space and equipment. If no rental is needed and only equipment, then a voluntary $2 a person is acceptable per event to help with equipment expenses if the group leader so desires but required.

Also come join us for our social night out. Maybe watch your favorite sporting event on the big screen with us. (Special Discounts coming soon to our members, for local Bars and Restaurants as well as local Sporting good stores).

If you join us here on Meet-up, we also recommend joining our Facebook page.


Also if you have an idea for a special game or event or want to start your own game, just lets us know and we can help you get one started. Please don’t be hesitant to contact us with any questions you may have.

You will also notice Gary down as the host on most events. He will not be attending the events but he will be on the RSVP list, ONLY because he is the person that posted the event.

We play, Outdoor Soccer, Volleyball, Flag Football, Softball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Wrestling, Paintball, Hiking and more!

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