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Hi, First of all thank you for having a look at our group. We hope you find what you are looking for here (or at least some of it:-). The idea with our group is to show ourselves and others, concepts of the potential we all have within ourselves to improve our quality of life; whether that be greater happiness, greater joy, love, improved relationships, material comforts or whatever that means to each and every one of us. We've likely all been involved in groups and organization before where the attempt is made to do this (and many do to an extent) however, in my experience anyway, things often seem to get off track with rituals, events and activities which I didn't somehow understand or get as directly important to the aim of helping ourselves and others improve. Have you ever felt the same way? Here, at Coffee Chat, you may have found what you've been looking for! Here's a bit about how Coffee Chat got started... I currently (and for the last couple of years), have been publishing an on-line newsletter to help people improve their lives in a certain way, a publication which is read worldwide by thousands. And now, most recently, I've been meeting people here in Saskatoon with whom I go to coffee and share ideas which have worked for me, my on-line readers and for others. Ideas which help us to improve our qualities and experiences in life. The idea is to get together for say an hour in the evening in the corner of some coffee shop (for example) where one of us can present something for 15 minutes to a half an hour (maybe share a life-changing book, a speech, a story or something) and then the rest of the time there can be questions and discussion; all done in a friendly/ relaxed atmosphere. No matter how many people show up or show interest in it, we just go with the flow and make it an hour of awakening to the magnificence within us. Just so you know... This isn't some religion or fund gathering event. It's intended be made practical and helpful for those who attend. It's meant to be a gathering of open and improvement minded people who are independent thinkers, yet who are interested in other perspectives, as in what works in their own lives and in the lives of others (health, happiness, prosperity whatever...) because that's what we love to do. If you feel the same way, let us know. If you do contact us for information we can let you know of upcoming meetings. You need not worry about getting spam as a result of leaving your contact info. with us as all correspondence is sent out using bcc. May you have peace in your heart and joy in your day. Sincerely, Steve P.S. As a result of the blog http://coffeechat.webs.com/ and others like it in the future, coffee chat can now expand to on-line discussion and the sharing of ideas beneficial to all who attend, so feel free to please chime in!

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