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An urgent need exists to inform, engage and mobilize the public about the environmental crisis. The natural environment that sustains human life is being destroyed. Only 12 years remain before wide-scale and irreversible damage is done, says the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The world is changing at an exponential pace and is at a turning point. If we do not shift to sustainable business practices and personal lifestyles, many people will be further imperiled by: drought, flooding, extreme heat and increased poverty in the immediate future.

Enormous commitments are needed for business, government, non-profits and us all to overcome this challenge.

Two very different aspects of the climate crisis will be discussed in this group: methods to mitigate existing and additional damage, but also the social-entrepreneurial and business opportunity aspects of what the World Economics Forum says is the greatest business opportunity in human history, the transfer from fossil fuels to renewable sources.

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Working with the Earth to combat the climate crisis.

85 N Raymond Ave

Doors open at 7:45 am for networking. During this meetup Shawn and Leigh will help us understand how we each can impact the climate crisis at home. Shawn Maestretti, the principal of SMGA and the creator of the talk series, ‘Climate Reality: Regeneration of the Landscape’, has been designing lush, vibrant green spaces and environmentally sensible gardens since 2006. Shawn is a designer, plantsman, licensed landscape architect, certified arborist, licensed landscape contractor, and educator. His unique background combines extensive horticultural experience, strong composition skills, and environmentally-sensible practices with a wide palette of visually and textually interesting California-friendly plants —breathing new life and a sense of place into every garden. Leigh is an educator, eco-sensitive designer and horticultural interpreter at the LA County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. She has trained many county agencies in regenerative practices as well as conducting hands on workshops with local schools and professional groups. Her love of collaboration and education infuse all aspects of her work, leaving participants with a profound sense of empowered accomplishments. Climate Reality: Regeneration of the Landscape highlights the current endangered state of our landscapes and offers solution-oriented techniques for zero-waste/carbon-neutral garden designs, drawing upon nature’s processes. Shawn and Leigh focus on how nurturing living soil, capturing rainwater, sequestering carbon, and planting climate-appropriate plants for biodiversity are not just aspirational design practices, but real life solutions accessible to homeowners, garden enthusiasts, and landscape professionals alike. It is possible to enjoy beautiful gardens that work towards carbon-neutrality and actively regenerate our environment.

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