Next Meetup

COFFEE & CODE!!!! Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!! Veterans of the group know what's-what. However, if you're new, follow these simple rules: 1) Show up at ANY time between 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM and for ANY length of time. No pressure to have to arrive at a specific time or stay until the end. If you're a keener, you can even show up earlier and stay later; it's totally up to you! 2) Bring a project! It can be a game, a website, or a learning resource you're using to learn how to code. All levels of expertise are welcome and I strongly encourage you to ask questions, exchange ideas, debate coding practices, or whatever tickles your fancy. Come ready to chat or come with headphones so you can concentrate ;) 3) Keep it casual. We're meeting up so can meet fellow coders and have fun coding in a group (because, let's face it, coding by yourself isn't always fun). Hope to see you all there! Happy Coding :-) Note: The wifi network is lattenetwork and the password is `[masked]`

Tampered Press

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