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Let's visit Team Lab Planets together
We are planning to visit Team Lab Planets in Toyosu. If you want to join us. Step 1: RSVP to this event. If we have 25 people RSVP, we will confirm this event. Step 2: We will send you a message with details of the date and time to buy the tickets. Step 3: You buy the ticket. Step 4: Meet us there. Website: The ticket costs: ¥2700 Participation fee: ¥300 (Meetup Administration Fee) About the site ・You will be barefoot. ・Water levels can rise up to knee height for adults. ・An area of the site has a mirror surface. Please note that there is a possibility of your underwear reflecting on the mirror surface if you are wearing a skirt or wide-hemmed pants. ・The site features an area with strong stimulating lights, and a dark area. ・During rush hours, customers who have been on site for a long time may be asked to go forward by staff.

Shin Toyosu Station

Shin Toyosu Stn · Tokyo

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[Group Introduction]

We are a group for coffee and tea lovers and people interested in English language exchange over coffee with Japanese and non-Japanese people.

We'll explore the different cafes in Tokyo so we will 'surf' the cafes, so to speak.

[Our Community Vision]

- To create high quality events for coffee and tea lovers to enjoy.

- To create a safe environment for people to meet.

- To facilitate international understanding and exchange among international and Japanese people from all walks of life.

1. International Events
We organize quality events to promote international friendship and exchange.

- Language Exchange

- International Parties

2. Coffee Education Events

We work with professional baristas to organize coffee/tea seminars (in English/Japanese) and help coffee lovers know more about coffee/tea.

- Past seminars include: Drip Coffee Seminars, Espresso Science Seminars, Latte Art Workshops, Introduction to the World of Coffee

3. Outdoor Walking events

We also do outdoor walking events to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons in Tokyo

Example: Meguro River Sakura Walk + Coffee, Chidorigafukuchi Sakura Walk + Coffee, Ichou Namiki Autumn leaves Walk + Coffee

[Important Note]
- Any solicitation for the purpose of network marketing, business or religious soliciation is prohibited. Any behavior that will cause others harm, harrassment or reduce their enjoyment of the event – is strongly discouraged.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us a message. We have many members who volunteer to help the community from time to time.

We look forward to seeing you at our events :)









1. 国際イベント


- 言語の教えあい

- 国際パーティー

2. コーヒーについて学ぶイベント


- 過去のセミナー:ドリップコーヒーセミナー、エスプレッソサイエンスセミナー、ラテアートワークショップ、コーヒーの世界を知る

3. 野外散歩イベント


例:目黒川桜巡り+ コーヒー、千鳥ヶ淵桜巡り+ コーヒー、銀杏並木秋の紅葉巡り+ コーヒー






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