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Thugs of Hindostaan - Movie Meetup
Hi All Movie puffs, THUGS OF HINDOSTAN (TOH) One of the Most awaited movie with the most talented Actors of the county. First time ever the duo of Megastars of the Bollywood, Amir Khan & Amitabh Bacchan and the Divas Katrina Kaif & Fatima Shaikh. Expecting to gonna be a milestone of Bollywood industry. The movie is all set to hit new records across oceans. The Movie is releasing on 8th Nov'18. It's always fun to watch a new flick with new friends to have more fun. CTFMH is making Exclusive Movie Meet up for TOH Movie. Join CTFMH TOH Meetup to have more fun with Movie+. This meetup will be active for two consecutive weekends i.e. 10th and 17th of November. Preferred Screens: Inorbit-PVR, GVK-Inox, Prasads. Showtime: Available show & Seats between 4pm to 8pm Aftermovie: Yes, we always have aftermovie i.e. snacks, dinner, and hangout over good discussions with like-minded people. That used to be the best part of Meetup. RSVP your details and preferred date and Screen. Fees: INR 200(Ticket cost + CTFMH charges) Payment: Pay to Leela@[masked] via Paytm or Tez. For more details or query plz feel free to reach Zubair@[masked] and Leela@[masked]. Thanks Team CTFMH

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