Storyhearing by The MOTH – Miami StorySLAM at Olympia Theater

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Olympia Theater

174 E Flagler St · Miami, FL

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Save the date! We're going to the show The MOTH – Miami StorySLAM at the Olympia Theater in downtown Miami.

The stories for May 14th
"MAMA RULES: Prepare a five-minute story involving a mother or mothering! Your womb of origin or the person who raised you. Mother love: making it all better or setting you straight. Maternal instincts and mother-powered superhuman acts. (Lifting a car, anyone?) Mama's boys, Mommy Dearest and Mr. Mom also welcome. Becoming a mother, finding a mother, or finally recognizing the wisdom of the one you got. (Please be sure that you bring a story about a mother, not an homage.)"

Tickets for this event are available one week before the show, at 3pm ET. Doors open at 6pm – StorySLAM begins at 7pm. Cocktails available at the bar. Seating is not guaranteed and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission is not guaranteed for late arrivals. All sales final.

​Tickets are $17.25. Guided tour of the historic Olympia Theater during intermission.


***You will have to buy your own ticket. We'll meet near the entrance at 6:30 PM to try to make sure that we all sit together. The earlier we show up, the more likely we'll sit together. There will be a group chat in WhatsApp for this event.**

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