What we're about

Coffee and Conversations is an intellectual discussion group that meets regularly at the Barnes & Noble Café (once or twice per month on Saturday mornings). As a discussion group, we discuss a variety of topics that are cultural, philosophical, metaphysical, and theological in nature.

One aim we have is to provide a space for deeper discussions with each other, discussions on topics that we may not normally get to have on a regular basis, and give opportunities to enjoy conversation and build new friendships with each other.

Another aim we have is to engage topics with the hope of a better understanding of the truth about them and the truth about reality. This second aim I would argue makes our discussion group different from others. We, Andrew and I who facilitate and lead the group, really hope that our members will use this time to consider the truth about the topics we consider together. Now this second aim is clearly shaped by a worldview that Andrew and I share, which is a Christian worldview. As Christians, Andrew and I believe truth is important and ought to be sought after, and we hope that each of you will seek after it in our time together. Thus, the purpose of coffee and conversations is not to have a group that merely promotes an all-encompassing inclusivism or a group that simply affirms everyone’s views of a topic or perspective on reality. Rather, we hope that each person will come to coffee and conversations and learn a new way of viewing a topic, meet new friends, and ultimately seek to discover what might be the truth about a topic and reality. We realize that may not make this group everyone, but it seems that it certainly does appeal to many (a vast majority of those who attend are not Christians).

We have only 3 rules: RESPECT, LISTEN, LEARN.

This group is facilitated and led by Tom and Andrew and is sponsored by Cross of Christ Fellowship.

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