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Bitten by the philosophy bug? Good for you! Now, where do you get your philosophy conversation fix?
Come and join us! We're all types of philosophy enthusiasts in the Seattle area. No background in philosophy is required. Just be intellectually curious and rationally-minded.

AI and Neuroscience are hot topics now! Also the old topics of ethics and morality never get dull. My personal favorites are perception, reality, concept of self, and "consciousness- the hard problem".

What are your interests? Feel free to bring your own questions!

P.S. Please, do not do philosophy discussions in writing here on the website. This group is only for meeting in person. Sorry for any inconveniences, and thank you for understanding.

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Science, Objectivity and Philosophy

Cafe on the Ave.

This is intended to be a "pre-game" discussion session prior to Markus Gabriel's public lecture on "Objectivity and the Humanities" at UW at 730. We will have a short discussion and then walk to the lecture. If you are going to this lecture you must register. https://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Analytic-Philosophy-CLUB/events/255784709/ THE LOCATION IS TENTATIVE - I DON"T KNOW THE U DISTRICT AREA WELL. LOOKING FOR A RESTAURANT, BAR, OR COFFEESHOP THAT CAN ACCOMMODATE A REASONABLY LARGE GROUP, WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF KANE HALL WHERE THE LECTURE WILL OCCUR. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS LET ME KNOW. WE MAY HAVE TO SPLIT UP INTO DIFFERENT GROUPS DEPENDING ON HOW MANY SHOW UP. This will be an open discussion with no presentation or moderation. Some questions to consider: What is objectivity? Are the natural sciences objective in a way the humanities are not? If so, how? What is "realism"? When someone says science is "socially constructed" what exactly does this mean? What is "relativism"? How is this related to social construction? The 90s featured the "science wars" - where the objectivity of science was questioned by sociologists (e.g., Bruno Latour), postmodernists (e.g., the French poststructuralists), and earlier by historians of science (most famously Thomas Kuhn). What exactly was their argument, and how valid is it? How does questioning the objectivity of science relate to the current "post-truth" environment?

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Does modern science have its own bias?

Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House

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