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With over 4,000 members and Critique Group Chapters in Pomona/San Dimas, Fullerton and Long Beach, the Coffee House Writers Group is a friendly community where we writers can find support and camaraderie in the otherwise lonely pursuit of our craft. The group operates a little differently than many critique groups - members are encouraged to bring a short piece of writing to read out loud at each meeting (although it's not mandatory). Critiques are done verbally, based on how well the writing stands up to being read out loud. We do this for two reasons -

• A lot of things like flow and cadence are best picked up when a piece is read out loud

• This type of critique invites the participation of those with busy schedules who don't have time to prepare written critiques ahead of time or are already part of a written-critique-type of group

Things to expect:

• A friendly group of supportive writers to hang out with on a regular basis

• A safe supportive environment for new writers and veterans. We encourage all kinds of writing (although we do ask that you keep what you read out loud to a PG-13 rating since we do meet in public venues)

• Great feedback on your writing - CHWG critique groups have attracted members that include published writers, writing teachers, editors and other professionals

• Fun!

Things that you will not find here:

• Judgment calls and bashing. Nope. We maintain a very supportive environment - we all have to start somewhere and even the best of writers got their beginnings

• Homework. We do not publish files to be reviewed before the meetings, nor do we insist that people prepare critiques before the meetings

• Drama. There's enough of that in our stories! Let's leave the drama on the pages

Connect with our rapidly growing writing community:

Between meetings there is a very active Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CHWritersGroup/) as well as a Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/coffeehousewritersgroup). We also have community events, writing seminars, parties and readings in addition to critique meetings.

If this sounds like a fun interesting group, feel free to join and come to one of our meetings!

Keep Writing!!!!!!!

Christine Marie Bryant

CEO Coffee House Writers Group

Upcoming events (5+)

Fullerton - Tuesday Critique Evening CHWG @ Rutabegorz

Our attendance limit per critique meeting is twenty. This Fullerton meetup is being kept track of on our Fullerton Meetup site. Please log in there and RSVP yes to save your seat. Here is the link. https://www.meetup.com/CoffeeHouseWritersGroupFullerton/ Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Christine M Bryant CHWG President and CEO[masked]

Anthology 2019 - Call for Submissions!

Los Angeles County

Coffee House Writers Group (CHWG) invites you be a part of our new anthology where the stories are to take place where we call home. Your task: Write a short story of speculative fiction taking place in Los Angeles and/or Orange Counties. Once entered, your work may appear in the next anthology and may be selected to win a prize. Specifications: 1) By submitting, the entrant agrees to abide by all rules listed herein. The entrant also grants Coffee House Writers Group the right to publish the story indefinitely. 2) No entry fee is required, and all rights to the story remain the property of the author after chosen. 3) The entry must contain at least one fantastical element that may classify the story as either fantasy or science fiction. The time (past, present, future), plot, genre (e.g. drama, comedy), and characters are all up the writer. At minimum one significant plot point must take place within LA or Orange County. 4) The entry must have been read in full at one of our many critique groups. The reading may take place over multiple weeks. The group leader will be asked to verify that the entry has been shared at the critique group. If the participant is a previously established CHWG member who has attended critique groups in the past but cannot currently attend a group, they may become eligible if they get their story beta read by another verified CHWG member. Reasons for being unable to attend subject to disqualification. All entries are final. 5) The story may not previously be published or selected to be published by another entity until six months after their submission date. 6) To be eligible to win a prize, the entry must be a work of prose between 3500 - 15000 words in length. Shorter works will be accepted, but ineligible for a prize. 7) All entries must be original works, in English. Plagiarism, which includes the use of third-party poetry, song lyrics, characters, or another person’s universe, without written permission, will result in disqualification. 8) Entries are to be submitted online to [masked] in doc, docx, or pdf format. In the body of the email, the entrant must list their legal name, a pen name if applicable, address, telephone number, alternate email addresses, approximate word count, and name of the Coffee House Writers Group critique group where it was shared (Long Beach, Pomona, Fullerton) (OR critique group previously attended, reason critique group cannot be attended, and name and contact info of beta reader). Please label all pages within the document with a header or footer with the title of the story with page numbers. 9) The editor will narrow the stories down to the top four, with the top two to be determined by a panel of judges who will not see the names of the entrants. First prize shall be $600 in scholarship funds applicable to the entrant or to anyone the entrant may pass it to including family or friends. Second place prize shall be a scholarship of $400. 10) Deadline for entry is July 1st, 2019. (Entries less than 3500 will be accepted until August 1st, 2019.) 11) Each entrant may submit up to two manuscripts for the duration of the entry period to [masked] As much as literature can be used to evoke emotions, sensations, and images, it can also give the reader a feel for a place. The details in a well-written story can convey a city’s personality and make the world the author created seem authentic. So get to it and write something uniquely LA/OC. Creativity and Originality are highly encouraged. Need to bounce some ideas around or to ask advice? Private Message the Editor, J Bryan Jones.

La Verne -Saturday Critique Afternoon CHWG @ Bracket Field Airport Conference Rm

What We're About Awesome Community AND AMAZING STORIES ! Our mission is to support writers in honing their craft and current projects. We do this with a community of writers providing constructive feedback. Everyone is welcome here. We do not distinguish between returning members and the brand new! The Way It Works Writers read their work aloud. All critiquing happens on the spot. That means NO HOMEWORK! Writing Critique Groups are 11am to 3pm, but you can come at any time you can make and stay for as long as it suits you. When you first come, please sign in. The sign-in sheet distinguishes those that wish to read their work aloud and for those that do not. There is no obligation to present your work or to critique others. Do only what you are comfortable. You may "Pass" when it's your turn to critique. When we get started, we go down the sign-in sheet for readings. When a reader has finished, each person at the table will have their own time to critique the work starting to the right (counter-clockwise). During that time, the speaker has the floor and is not to be interrupted by anyone else –even the person that just read. It is not a discussion, just unbiased editing advice. For the sake of time, any back and forth should be for clarification purposes only. Can’t wait to see you and hear your stories! *Guidelines Below* Reader Guidelines Speak up so everyone can hear you. Some people bring copies for everyone to follow along, but there's no requirement. You can read any kind of piece you wish including prose, poetry, and scripts. Strong language is permitted and should be expected by all who come. We like to think of our group as rated M for mature. The only genre we do not read aloud is erotica to respect our location. There is no time limit on reading. We just ask that you watch your time and be respectful of other writers wanting to read. If there are more members attending, the time reading might be shorter than if there are fewer members attending. It's a community effort. Please just take home with you the feedback that works for you and leave what doesn't at the table. No one needs to know what critiques you do or do not like. The critiques given should never turn into debates. Everyone in the group is here to help you grow as a writer and inspire you to write. You do not have to use any commentary on your piece that you do not agree with. Put your heart away and understand that we critique the work, not the writer. Keep responses to those who need further context to inform their feedback. Do not feel like you have to defend your work. Listener Guidelines We don’t critique others’ critiques. Avoid debates and let the person speaking give their feedback. Keep all talk constructive. Example –Saying something is boring does not help. Rather say instead why something was unable to keep your attention. Give the reader something they can use to better their work. Keep all feedback concise. This keeps it from being diluted and saves time. We suggest taking notes. If possible, feedback such as, “show don’t tell” should reference specific items. Avoid language directing the author such as “You should” and instead focus on yourself i.e. “I prefer.” Venue - Take McKinley all the way until it dead ends & make a right into the parking lot. When you walk into the Brackett Field Administration building, we will be in the conference room to your left. On the third Saturday of every month we will be at Norm's Hanger Coffee Shop across the way in the same building in the undercover patio. - We are allowed to bring our own food and drink into the conference room as long as we don't make a mess and leave the room as we found it. It would be great if you purchased a drink and or lunch from Norm's Hanger Coffee Shop across the way while we are meeting in the conference room. - When meeting in the undercover patio of Norm's Hanger Coffee Shop on the third Saturday of every month, we are required to purchase a $10 minimum to support our venue. Conduct Please be respectful of all who attend. Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated at the venue or online. Please see or message your group facilitator if you have any concerns. More Steve McCarthy is the Pomona Critique Group Facilitator. CHWG President and CEO, Christine Marie Bryant will also be around periodically and happy to answer questions at[masked] We have an active Facebook Group with a community of writers to interact with. No spam or solicitation within our private Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CHWritersGroup We also have a Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/coffeehousewritersgroup for anyone to "like." Follow us on Twitter @CHWritersGroup CHWritersGroup.org http://chwritersgroup.org https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdhGvSfNpIU_BXCQqG62xlg?&ab_channel=CoffeeHouseWritersGroup

Fullerton - Tuesday Critique Evening CHWG @ Rutabegorz

Our attendance limit per critique meeting is twenty. This Fullerton meetup is being kept track of on our Fullerton Meetup site. Please log in there and RSVP yes to save your seat. Here is the link. https://www.meetup.com/CoffeeHouseWritersGroupFullerton/ Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Christine M Bryant CHWG President and CEO[masked]

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