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What we’re about

Come chat with some fellow early-risers about the thing that we care about: dev+ops, human+ops, leadership, automation, metrics, infrastructure as code, and all the other things that make what we do fascinating.

Regardless of signup I will be there with a tasty breakfast and a cup o' joe so please come by even if you don't RSVP!

How will I know where to find you?
The shop opens at 8am, but train times mean I am often waiting outside for 5 minutes. Once inside we sit at the long table opposite the bar and I will have post-it notes and sharpies out.

Do I need to bring anything?
Just yourself and maybe some ideas on what to talk about. But we do brainstorm for a few minutes so even that is optional :)

Will breakfast be available?
Yup! This is a fund your own event but there is a full menu of veggie and non-veggie, hot and cold breakfast options as well as coffee, tea and juices.

Why CoffeeOps?
Coffeehouses are hubs of information sharing: people gather, share thoughts, learn about happenings, and discuss challenges. Having a place and time to congregate allows people from diverse backgrounds to talk of experiences that can inspire, spark innovation and improve problem solving.

CoffeeOps aims to bring on the Age of Delightenment fuelled by coffee (tea or cocoa!), collaboration and cooperation across companies. CoffeeOps should be considered part of work, a critical part of preventing stagnation and isolation of the daily grind and help build resilience. Conferences provide some amount of this but are limited in duration and can be too costly for an individual in time and money.
The bigger your company, the more likely you need regular infusions of external input. Groups working solely within an environment can fail to recognise other ways of doing things, ignoring trends in the industry, duplicating efforts, and expending time and energy in areas that are not business differentiators.

Inspired by #CoffeeOps, started in San Francisco by the amazing Jennifer Davis (@sigje).

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