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Have a Tech Startup and find yourself doing all the Coding, Marketing, Funding, etc? With all that you still cannot seem to grow or Launch? Sounds like you need a Cofounder who can pick up some of the load. Join us in pitching your startup to interested cofounders and possibly investors.

Who should attend?

Current Tech Startup Founders/Cofounders and individuals with experience in Marketing, Graphic Design, Sales, Consulting, Legal, Finance, Investing, and experienced Entrepreneurs are welcome

What is the objective?

You will be presenting your startup to a group of people, most of which will also be presenting their startups. Presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes each. The main objective is to connect individuals who are looking for a certain type of cofounder or cofounders. For example, I may need a Marketing cofounder while someone may need a sales cofounder.

Can I present my startup?

Due to time, we will be scheduling a limited number of presentations. Although, if there is no availability and you pair up with someone who is interested in your startup, feel free to present to them. Please contact the group admin to inquire about scheduling your presentation.

Will my idea be stolen?

If the idea really is good, chances are outstanding you'll be laughed at. Very few people will understand these and even fewer understand the full scope of these. And, of these very fewer, most are very busy working on their own ideas and projects, unlikely to have your same competitive advantages, and unlikely to be interested. There will be very very few who understand the full value, have the skillsets, interest, and time to execute your idea. This means, don't be so paranoid about your idea, and additionally, your idea probably still needs a lot of work and fine tuning to begin with--let them steal it. Plus, how do you plan getting exposure for potential investors anyway?
(P.S. Investors would be the first to “steal your idea” they may have the resources and capital to do so… but they don’t. Investors don’t have the time for those risks/games and you’re an asset to them. Your talent is your job and their job is to make more money with investments)

What do I need to do to prepare?

Your pitch (be it an elevator pitch if you like)
Your presentation (Preferably digital on your own device, no longer than 10min)
Market Validation (How your startup will solve a particular problem in the market)
Your goals (Sort term, long term, financial, growth)
How you plan to reach your goals (as well as maintaining and surpassing your goals)
The numbers (Business plan, Operating costs, Revenue, Profit Margins, etc)
Answers to questions people will have
A pen and notepad to take notes.

What will I learn attending this event?

It depends. Many people with many different talents will be attending this event. You may be a coding expert but may not know how to properly and legally form your startup or properly market your idea to your target audience. I personally will be discussing how to properly organize your pitch/information to investors

Who should not attend?

Individuals who are trying to sell/exit their idea/startup, or any individual who is attempting to sell their products or services to other individuals outside of their presentation. No we don’t want to buy your book. If you do offer a service that may genuinely help someone, that’s fine, discuss that with each other. We are here to help each other not try to make a quick buck from another attendee.

What else could I expect?

Networking, Presentations, Questions and Answers, A bunch of business cards, and hopefully you find a new cofounder!