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Cognitive Computing Technology - Dallas
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January 2019 started off our quarterly event training process. It is my interest to take a subject of importance in cognitive computing development. The theme has been an Introduction to "Informatics" and how to use it effectively in an AI/ML fascinated world. The meetings will be interactive, so bone up on the subject for the quarter. Discussions is so important to this field and encouraged.

For the second quarter of 2019 we are focusing on "Python" from the beginning. It is a hot language for Data Science! We will start with the basics and move forward. Learning to code with a programming language is similar to understanding music theory then composition for writing a symphony. Without these tools you are just an observer or listener.

Any members who would like to speak on a parallel subject contact me to arrange the time to present. Use the group to practice your "toastmasters" skills! Those who have understand, those who have not need to experience! It would be worth your time!