Facial Recognition in Python with OpenCV & Watson Visual Recognition


Livestream is available HERE (https://cognitiveclass.ai/blog/event/facial-recognition-python-opencv-watson-visual-recognition/?instance_id=240)

Please note there is only space for 80 people in our venue.

Please register here (https://cognitiveclass.ai/blog/event/facial-recognition-python-opencv-watson-visual-recognition/?instance_id=240)

In this meetup, Polong will go through the basics of OpenCV in Python, including detecting faces in images and videos. He will then follow up with a demo on building custom classifiers quickly via IBM Watson Visual Recognition (https://visual-recognition-demo.mybluemix.net/ (https://cocl.us/watsonvrdemo)).

Topic outline:

1. Setup on CognitiveClass Labs (http://labs.CognitiveClass.ai) (please register beforehand to save time)

2. Image processing in Jupyter notebooks using OpenCV

3. Detect faces in images using OpenCV

4. Detect faces in videos using OpenCV

5. Face recognition demo in OpenCV

6. Watson Visual Recognition - detecting objects in images, building custom classifiers

Setup: Please register a free account on CognitiveClass Labs (http://labs.CognitiveClass.ai) before the meetup.

This is a hands-on meetup. Python programming experience is recommended.

Audience: Python Programmers

Presenter: Polong Lin, Data Scientist & Lead Data Science Advocate, IBM

NOTE: Livestream will be available on best effort basis.

Thank you to Lighthouse Labs (http://www.lighthouselabs.ca/) for providing the space for our meetup this week.

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