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This is a group for Intuitive interested in learning more about not only their types, but others. This will be a crash course/ info session on how the types works and function in everyday society. We welcome all for those interested after discovering their type or just looking to learn more.

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Is it time for a Truce in the War on Drugs? [Host: Garrett, ENTJ]

This event is co hosted with non MBTI groups as well as MBTI groups. Some drugs are legal over the counter, others are prescribed by physicians, others are illegal. Let’s look at what’s happened when the war on illegal drugs was more or less caused off in countries like Portugal. Let’s theorize how we may be able to responsibly more if not all drugs in the us, and discuss the pros and cons of this action. If we agree the path towards legalization is good, let’s see if anyone in the group has connections we can make to try to bring more energy to the legalization movement. The host, in the interest of full disclosure, has never done any illegal drugs despite living in “drug country” in his early years (by coincidence, not choice)... So this isn’t about rationalizing one’s own vices, but rather about making America safer, more free, less crime-ridden, and more prosperous…. If we can accomplish all that with one set of actions, why not? Here’s my argument that we can accomplish all this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/156owEYXOMC--74MPZPPNWnwdwezj9qj2NuXEApzvdiA/edit

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Let's Talk MBTI — The Power of Introversion (Host: Margarita, INFP)

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