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Special MBTI Meetup (Sony Atrium, 56th St. Side), Host: Leon (w/ New Yorker Mag)
Welcome to a special MBTI discussion where there will be a journalist from the New Yorker here who is going to bring her camera, to film for the magazine! You have the opportunity to be part of it. This Meetup is hosted by MBTI Youtuber Leon Tsao of the channel "Type Tips." Find his channel here: It also will be Co-Hosted by SA Group Organizer Steven. You can visit the SA Group here: Discuss about personality types of the MBTI, old timers and newbies are welcome! Recommended: You can take the MBTI quiz here ISTJ ( - Duty Fulfillers ESTJ ( - Guardians ISFJ ( - Nurturers ESFJ ( - Caregivers ISTP ( - Mechanics ESTP ( - Doers ESFP ( - Performers ISFP ( - Artists ( ENTJ ( - Executives INTJ ( - Scientists ENTP ( - Visionaries INTP ( - Thinkers ENFJ ( - Givers INFJ ( - Protectors ENFP ( - Inspirers INFP ( - Idealists 1:00 pm - Find Leon for a name-tag for your name and type. 1:30 pm - Introductions and switch tables to mingle with another group 2:30 pm - Switch tables to mingle with another group 3:15 pm - Closure 3:30 pm -Typically, a group of hardcore enthusiasts stay to talk further and go out for dinner afterward. Links to other meetup groups this hosted with:

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    This is a group for Intuitive interested in learning more about not only their types, but others. This will be a crash course/ info session on how the types works and function in everyday society. We welcome all for those interested after discovering their type or just looking to learn more.

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