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This is a group for Intuitive interested in learning more about not only their types, but others. This will be a crash course/ info session on how the types works and function in everyday society. We welcome all for those interested after discovering their type or just looking to learn more.

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Building deep/meaningful relationships [Hosts: Garrett/Dr. Krishnesh/Himanshu]

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* Why meaningful relationships are important
The #1 factor to a happy and long life is having deep and meaningful relationships. There is a dearth of these today, the # of close friends people have is far lower than several decades ago. Google “number of close friends dropping” and you will find many articles on the topic from various sources. Many of us are trying to combat this crisis. If you read “on the origins of totalitarianism” by Hannah Arendt, you will learn that this was the same type of scenario where the Nazis gained power - they offered friendship to lonely germans in exchange for loyalty to their ideology. This means we need to work hard to build more meaningful relationships, both for the health and happiness of our people and the resiliency of the freedom we value. Here is a source for the benefits of having close friends:

* Some background to learn from others
Here are some tips on the 3 pillars of friendship, which I heartily agree with:

But I’d like to get more specific in this discussion… I’m going to cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes, the agenda is as follows:
1. On Trust: How do we know how trustworthy someone is?
2. On combating misunderstandings: 90% of conflict is from misunderstandings, so how can we prevent misunderstandings which often lead to frustration and conflict
3. How can you share who you are with others in a way that keeps you safe from harm
4. How can you learn about others effectively to build meaningful relationships
5. How do you handle disagreements with others
6. Synergistic conversations
7. When is it time to agree to disagree

Format: ~30 minute talk, 30 min breakout room small conversations, 30 minutes of sharing as a large group

FTI: Intelligent Self Management [Host: Dr. Krishnesh]

Online event

Speaker: Dr. Krishnesh
1 hr talk followed by 30 min Q&A

The only rule of these conversations is to Be Polite. Otherwise all ideas and thoughts are welcome.

Brought to you by the Free Thinker Institute (freethinkerinstitute.org, join our online discord community!)

Love is one of the most searched, sought, and discussed topics not only today but right from the dawn of civilization. To love and be loved is the most fundamental longing of almost everyone. Most spiritual pursuits claim to culminate in love. Yet most of us just have a vague perception about it and that too is mostly from movies, novels, and folklore but hardly ever from science or metaphysics. In this talk we attempt to understand love as understood by science and as prescribed metaphysically and spiritually. We will understand the difference between love as normally understood and as it really is and should be and also how to gauge the difference between love and infatuation/lust. There will not just be an intellectual rendition of real love as it should be but also an experiential one even if for a few seconds.

About the speaker: Dr. Krishnesh is the founder of BrainOtkarsh https://www.meetup.com/brainotkarsh-body-mind-spirit-lab/, and a renowned science, design management, yoga, and spirituality expert. His TEDx link: https://youtu.be/yFzHzF9y7vM

Brought to you by the Free Thinker Institute (freethinkerinstitute.org, join our online discord community!)

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