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What we're about

Coins Community (Hong Kong) is a group of people who are interested in trading or investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs and other cryptocurrency ventures in blockchain space.

Who can join Coins Cryptocurrency Club?

Anybody who wants to earn passive income trading or investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs and other Cryptocurrency residing or currently staying in Hong Kong can join.

We host events and workshops where anybody can:

- Discuss about Cryptocurrencies and the ways people are creating wealth through these new technologies
- Discuss and review upcoming Initial Coin Offering - ICO or Token sale for others to invest
- Discuss about best upcoming Altcoins
- Meet up with trading experts who will give educational presentations
- Suggest a blockchain project or ICO for review to examine if its worth contributing or investing
- Share knowledge and teach the do's and dont's of contributing to ICOs or investing in cryptocurrencies
- Learn how to invest or trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alt coins
- Learn about best exchanges available to trade and invest
- Learn about various wallets to hold cryptocurrency and tokens
- Learn about how to invest in Initial Coin Offering - ICO or Token sale
- Meet with other traders (face-to-face or online) who engage in futures, index's, stocks, crypto-currency's, blockchains, ICO's, commodities and forex trading
- Attend Crypto conferences
- Stay up-to-date with all upcoming ICOs investing opportunities with their date of launch
- Get technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

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