What we're about

If you're looking for a friendly roleplaying group that's welcoming to anyone from complete novices to experienced roleplayers this is the group you're looking for.

Several times a month this group will meet to play indie RPGs, which we're defining as anything that's not Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. Most meetups will be open on a first RSVP first play basis. New players are welcome to join any meetup that is open to RSVP. Our approach gives you the freedom to pop into a game when real life allows and to focus on having a fun time. You need bring nothing except enthusiasm. This group is wonderfully nice and supportive; this is tabletop roleplaying as it should be.

Since September 2013 we've played over 60 different RPGs and our membership has experience with hundreds of RPGs from the 70s to today encompassing the entire breadth of the hobby.

My wife (Michelle) and I (Kirk) host these sessions at our house and will provide vegetarian meals and snacks. We have three types of meetups:

Private Session: This is where a member has wrangled a group for a private session at my house, with me either running the game or playing as desired. There are limited spots in my schedule for these events so arranging them early is the best bet.

RPG Gala: This involves up to 3 GMs running different RPGs. These will alternate between Friday and Saturday sessions. We always need volunteers to GM and these events are only possible when we have enough GMs to make it work.

LARP: Every few months we run a one-shot LARP that's open the membership. This is a great opportunity to experience a LARP in a friendly environment, these have proven our most popular and memorable events.

Imperfect GM: This is an updated version of the Good Enough Gaming sessions we used to run. The Imperfect GMs are an opportunity to learn about a real world topic and get some advice on how to be a better GM or roleplayer.

Aurora Con: This is our annual weekend gaming gathering at our house.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to message me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What will be provided at the session?
A) Some sessions will have snacks provided and some dinner, they will be labelled. Food will be vegetarian and usually there will be sodas and some snack food; hot water and an assortment of tea bags will always be provided. We also have plenty of pens, pencils, paper, notecards, and dice.

Q) What should I bring?
A) A sense of fun and teamwork! No rules knowledge or prior experience is presumed. Contributions of snacks or sodas are always appreciated. Try to keep things PG-13 in tone when possible.

Q) What should I not bring?
A) No alcohol or pets please.

Q) What's the parking situation?
A) Parking is available in the driveway and along the street. The best location if not in the driveway is alongside the curb of the nearby park between our house and Tamarack Road.

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RPG Gala (Saturday)

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