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Creating The Future Of Education: https://bit.ly/2lP6TZO
Organize World’s Learning through Data, Technology & Design.

The Platform with the best Design, Technology, Business and Innovation opportunities, experiences, practices, and content for you to Learn, Teach, and Create the World of Tomorrow.

Wherever you are, with whoever you want, for whatever you want.

To create an Infrastructure for Education.
Redefine the way people learn, teach and create things.

To reduce the Asymmetric Information and system inefficiencies by mapping, clustering and organizing unstructured data semantically. That will allow creating a diverse, customizable, predictive, adaptive, assisted and a personalized Learning Path (Journey).

Connecting Courses, Visits, Books, Moocs, Events, Workshops, Challenges, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Challenges, Mentoring, Meetups, Videos, Articles, Researches, Podcasts — and any and all Learning ‘formats’ in a smart way.

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Front In Sampa 2019

Reboucas Convention Center

Visita: Nubank - São Paulo - 2ª edição

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Visita: Verte - São Paulo

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Curso - Javascript: Design Patterns - 4ª edição

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